Is PPC Ads Platform The Right Choice For Your Business?

  • March 19, 2020
  • Nirlep Patel
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In the era of digital marketing, the advertising world has changed drastically. Today just sitting at home or just with a virtual address you can sell products or cater any kind of service across the globe. With an increase in advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, we can reach any target audience in just a click.

In this revolution, Google is playing a very crucial role in the transformation of the advertising world. Google introduced its online advertising platform Google Adwords in the year 2000 and since then we can sense a great transformation in the online marketing world.

There are no second thoughts to the fact that SEO and PPC Ad Campaign can help an online business to reach its targeted leads easily.


However, the common question which strikes everybody’s mind is that among SEO vs. PPC, which is more powerful and effective. Before we begin to discuss the same, let us understand what is PPC and what is SEO?

The full form of PPC is pay per click and SEO stands for search engine optimization. The function of both of them is to make your online presence much better, but surely both are different and still compliments each other. But for every digital marketer, the question remains the same, which is better: SEO or PPC.

Do we need to create separate SEO and PPC strategy or PPC and SEO can work collectively? Today through this blog we will clear some doubts related to SEO and SEM.

Now our readers are aware of the basic idea of PPC and SEO, let us inform you all about a major difference between SEO and PPC. Although we know that both SEO and PPC work on different algorithms and the circumstances in which these would be used are different.

If you are planning to succeed in online marketing, then you must know the benefits and limitations of SEO and PPC.

Under Which Conditions Should One Use SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a set of instructions whose goal is to list the required website in the top search results of every search engine. Before we begin to discuss the suitable situation in which we should use SEO, let us know some benefits of using SEO-

  • According to the data collection and research studies conducted, they have found that approximately over 80% of the traffic would be driven to your website through web searches via mobile devices.
  • Google- the biggest search engine with around 3-3.5 million searches every day picks websites based on their SEO techniques.

When Is It Best To Use SEO?

If you want to know about SEO vs. PPC pros and cons, then you should know the ideal conditions in which we can use each of them. Let us start by discussing the best and suitable conditions to use PPC.

  • When You Are Looking Forward To Consistent Results- 

before you use SEO so that your website ranks in top search results, know the fact that this will not happen overnight. Rather, it would take a lot of time to get your website on the top with the help of search engine optimization.

Once your website is ranking at the top in SERPs, we can say that it is the beginning of more work. SEO gives its end-users the benefits of sustaining the traffic of their website for consistent results. Therefore, one should always use white hat SEO techniques to grasp long-term benefits.

  • SEO Is Best If You Are Planning To Design An Authority Website- 

Yes, you have read it right that for designing an authority website, SEO is the best option to stick too. In case, if you are wondering, what does one mean by Authority website?

Then, in simple words, an authority website is a website designed for a particular niche. However, if you want your authority website to reach heights.

You need to dominate the online market and this can be only done by generating more and more traffic to the website. This traffic generation is only possible by using various SEO techniques.

  • Are You Planning To Increase The Website Value?

Just like people buy real estate and sell them at the time when its value is increased, the same is the case with websites and it is the SEO which helps to increase the website value by generating high traffic consistently and by helping the website to appear in top search results.

Benefits Of Investing In SEO:

  • It is The Cost Is Affordable.

The first and foremost important benefit of investing in SEO is that it is very affordable, as compared to PPC. Readers should note that one can invest very little in SEO and get good results.

  • Everyone Is Using SEO.

It is said that when in the market; it is necessary to follow the trends if you don’t want to be left behind, and the same is the case of SEO. As day by day, the internet and ranking awareness is increasing within people, it is very important to make use of all the latest strategies such as SEO which your competitors are using to grow.

  • SEO Has Long-Lasting And Consistent Results:

Another best thing about using SEO is that it gives people long-lasting and consistent results as compared to instant and short-lived results.

Bonus Tip– Before you strive for good SEO, we want to inform you that it does not come easy and cheap. SEO is a lot more than just “free clicks” and it requires great efforts, time and money for promoting the content of your website.

Under Which Conditions Should One Use PPC Ads:

To make a clearer picture of SEO vs. PPC, let us now come to the conditions in which it is always better to use PPC. However; first let us give our readers a basic idea about PPC.

Can you wait for months without even generating a single sale because your SEO is in the process? I think the deep answer will be a big NO.

Here comes the importance of using PPC, which can generate instant sales and drive more traffic to your website. Now, what is PPC? PPC stands for pay per click, and it is a strategy through which one can advertise on the various search engines about your services/goods/website.

But how can one advertise in this way? Well, all one has to do is bid so that your ad can appear on the search results of one person and when your ads start to appear in the search results.

It would require you to pay to every user who will click on your advertisement. Some of the most popular PPC Ad campaigns are Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising and much more.

When It Is Best To Use PPC?

If you want to yield the best results through PPC, then there are certain circumstances in which PPC works great to get the best desired results. We can say that PPC is the search engine marketing (SEM)

  • If You Are Seeking For Instant Results- 

One thing which is very basic and certain about PPC is that it can give its users results quickly as compared to SEO. The reason behind that is instant results by using PPC.

As soon as your bid for the advertisements has been approved, your advertisements would appear at different pages and more and more users would click on such ads.

However, note that PPC campaign would only be successful when the amount at which you are bidding is high so that ads can be placed on correct pages.

  • If You Want Highly Targeted Traffic- 

If you have a website which is particular for a certain age group, gender, race, etc then it is always better to target the website better.

Unlike SEO, it is the PPC ad campaign which will allow you to reach to a targeted audience in particular rather than targeting a general group of people.

For example, if you have a product/service for all the teenagers, then PPC would function in a way that this kind of advertisements reaches those who belong to this age group.

  • If You Have To Promote A Time-Sensitive Offer-

sometimes we want to promote a special product or service for a limited period. This is the case mostly during festive seasons or special days. In such a situation, it is very important to advertise and promote the time-sensitive offer to the audience quickly before it finishes.

We all are aware of the fact that SEO is something which will need a lot of time to establish. However, with PPC we can do it instantly and the offer could reach the majority of audiences. For example, if you have an exclusive offer of 70% flat sale during the Diwali festival, then the best way to advertise would be through PPC.

  • When You Do Not Have A Website With SEO Optimization –

Another situation in which one will yield the best results through PPC rather than SEO is when your website is not optimized according to the SEO. How to know whether your website has SEO Optimized?

The answer to this question is very simple. If you do not have a lot of content which is regularly updated on your website, then the best way is to go with PPC.

  • Are You Looking For Keyword Dominated Search Results

Our readers would fill surprised to know that the search results of PPC are always considered better than those of SEO. Therefore, if you are thriving for keyword dominated search result traffic, then PPC is the best option for you.

Benefits Of Investing In PPC:

If you are still confused between SEO vs. SEM, then read the below-stated information so you can make the right choice. Let us read the detailed benefits of investing in PPC.

  • It Can Contribute To Your Business Goals.

Yes, you have read it right, PPC can help one contribute to helping you reach your business-specific goals. By this, we mean that it is through PPC that one can reach highly specific target audiences, get instant marketing, etc.

  • You Can Always Measure And Track Your Progress While Using PPC.

Nothing could be better than being able to track and measure one’s progress every minute. Well, PPC is one such strategy through which you can track and measure your performance. When a person is keeping a detailed check up on the performance, the chances of yielding much better traffic becomes more.

  • PPC Can Function Well With Another Form Of Marketing.

We all know that SEO and PPC are two different things whose goals are however similar. Both SEO and PPC have certain advantages and pros over others. Therefore, wouldn’t it be best to use both at the same time? Well, this is possible because PPC Ads campaigns can work efficiently with SEO Optimization Services.

Now that you have finally got to know the detailed information about using SEO and PPC independently, but have you ever wondered about using both of them together at the same time?

Benefits Of PPC And SEO Working Together:

  • Improved Ranking Of Your Website On The Search Engine

The ranking of your website on various search engines and its reach to a highly target specific audience will improve with the help of combined PPC and SEO integration.

  • You Will Get Long-Lasting And Instant Results.

Sometimes website owners are looking for results which are long-lasting and instant. If you are one such website owner, then you should know that this would only be effective if PPC and SEO function together.

  • You Will Reach Your Customer In Different Ways.

It is always effective when you reach your target audience in many ways at the same time. When you are making use of SEO and PPC, you will reach your customers in a more refined way. When you will use both SEO and PPC, you will cater customer-specific needs effectively.

We hope that our readers have enjoyed reading this blog and if you want to know more about such information, feel free to reach us through the comment section given below and our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Keep reading our latest blogs and articles for more such information.

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