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Is Mobile SEO Being Accelerated By Increased Mobile Activity During The Pandemic?

How SEO Services Help Speed Up Mobile Websites

The recent pandemic has made lots of big transformations in all our lives. One of them is linked with what we know as mobile SEO. Due to the pandemic, people have been definitely found giving much more time than ever to their mobile phones. And when it is about using mobiles, internet surfing is what’s mostly carried out by the users.

As per some data, global consumer spending on their mobile phones is now expected to reach $270 billion by the year 2025. This is based upon the shift to an increased use during the recent year and the pandemic. This data has been given by SensorTower’s 2021 to 2025 Mobile Market Forecast report. 

Moreover, this figure is not just double but 2.5 times what was spent throughout 2020 (with some additional data from 2019). This is huge enough to reflect how mobile’s continued market dominance has transformed. This further reflects upon the industry predictions which state that the rise in usage of mobile phones due to the lockdown does not seem to lower down. 

The importance of Mobile SEO 

Mobile SEO, along with customer experience and mobile-optimized content are whose importance cannot be understated at all, especially with the predictions mentioned above. So let’s discuss more on user experience, optimization for powerful learning among the users and consistency.

Customer experience

The way we are seeing user experience, we are more into considering the importance of internal and operational actions. We now are more concerned about how the users interact with our websites. This is because when the user experience is good with our websites, we tend to have greater benefits. So the key is to enhance this concept of a user or consumer experience.

This can be done by not just focussing on the single access point experiences, but rather looking at the entire holistic approach by businesses to their customers’ interaction with each aspect of the brands. This is so, because even when your website allows incredible experience, that may not prove beneficial when the customers end up with different experiences with physical stores, advertising as well as other digital channels just like social media.

Hence comes the need for preparing the context for user experience yet again. It will include the retaining of all those things that led to amazing practitioner expertise, however, along with brand, organization and culture, strategy, data and technology, all together. These are what make up a complete success and intend toward business needs too.

Optimise for powerful learning

This is about bringing updates that lead to better identification of the relevant as well as quality content for enhancement of better user experience. Businesses are ultimately going to need to review and also expand their optimization strategies for adapting to these updates.

Pandemic times showed how the internet became useful for learning for students all around the world. The search engine learning abilities, along with their evaluation and their presentation of your website to users, all continue to grow even more powerful. This gives us an idea as to the expansion of the methods we use for the optimization of websites as well as adaptation to new technologies. 

As we know it, Google generally is the dominating one in this space, that continuously updates the search engine abilities just as its own research develops. The optimization strategy should be such that it allows changes to search environments and also updates for making it easy for the users to find your website and access it. 

There has been a recent Hangout session, where John Mueller of Google described how Google recognized an author and all his/her content while also mentioning it across the web. This it does without supporting authorship markup anymore. So the articles of the authors are still all linked back to some bio page or some central location. This is used for an even bigger picture creation for the users. It is also for weighting the relevance of the search results that the author may have qualified for.

Be consistent

Being consistent is again highly important. It lets the websites keep it easy for the search engines to do the reading. This is essential with all platforms and equally significant with mobile SEO. The consistency this way will make it easy to search for friendliness and will also give the customers a better experience. It will further help with maintaining the same recognizable imagery as well as the same identity across all the customer access points.

Google has always been found advocating consistency with websites and SEO solutions. And this is what has made it simple to extend to one’s mobile SEO strategy too. This is being done by ensuring that there is consistency in how the website is built and organized. This also involves taking care of how one’s broader strategy is deployed across all multiple platforms.

You can benefit from the building and maintenance of brand identity and also from working on consumer familiarity and trust. This all proves beneficial for your business.


There seems to be a continuous evolution in Mobile SEO further. It is so because of the evolution that goes on with the market, brands and technology. It is also as per the legislation and broader concerns that keep on impacting the way in which the internet carried out its operations. Digital challenges such as moving away from third-party data collection as well as more physical challenges just like this recent pandemic will have direct effects on how mobiles are used and on customer interaction.

The above mentioned three points, which are consistency, customer experience and adaptation to powerful learning will continue to be ongoing processes. They are not one-stop solutions but are solutions that can be applied to even other fields, both offline as well as digital offerings. It is not really a surprise to see the rise in mobile activity with all digital challenges such as privacy issues and external issues, which is making more people make mobile purchases.

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