Internet of Things

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things (IOT) is a new and rapidly growing technology in the digital world. Internet of Things can be simply defined as “communication of devices without human intervention”

On a daily basis, the newspapers and tabloids feature the sensational products being created around this technology. Gartner has mentioned that IOT is going to revolutionalize our world and has listed it as one of the most disruptive technology along with augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence for the year 2017.

At GBIM, we constantly monitor technology trends and update ourselves to envisage solutions for our clients around it. This has cemented our position as the preferred technology partner for our clients.

You can send us an enquiry and we’d get in touch with you. We’ll understand your business process and vision to design an IOT solution for you.


Apart from customized solution, we’ve also designed an IOT product i.e. Olympian to help you deliver information in a selected geographical zone. This solution is ideal for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy shops etc. Pharmaceutical companies can use it to educate the people visiting hospitals or clinics about their products and help them to download the required files.

How it works: You can share the information you want to broadcast to your clients.

Examples: Eye care, Skin care techniques, Weight reduction methods etc.

Our team will understand the information and create an attractive software . This software will be loaded in an usb drive and connected to our special router. When people visit the hospitals or pharmacies they can easily connect to our router placed there using their mobile phones or tablets. Once connected the software will immediately launch in the browser in users’ phones. Users can interact with the content and download it for future use.

If you would like to know more about Olympian, you can connect to us and we’ll be glad to demonstrate it to you and help you create solution around it.