Digitization has played a significant role in helping the Indian economy to flourish. The best example is creating job opportunities for young people. Everybody in the nation now talks about information technology. Furthermore, the “make in India” initiative encouraged the youth to start enterprises and this turned them into dynamic entrepreneurs. Digitization is what made this possible.

In the recent years, the central government banned currency notes of the Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 denominations. This ban was known as demonetization. The government took this step in order to restrain the circulation of black money in the nation and prevent the associated problems.

The Indian government is encouraging the public to stop relying too much on cash transactions. The goal of this initiative is making Indians adopt digital payments. Digital transactions help people abide by the law, which is beneficial for the economy. By using plastic money, citizens can enjoy freedom and security because it functions on technical grounds. Digital payments are known to be beneficial in any part of the world. People who engage in terrorism and money laundering activities mainly use cash to transact. Therefore, using digital payments is a good way to discourage terrorism and money laundering.

The society is already feeling the impact of digital economy in terms of employment and contribution to the gross domestic product among other things. Digitization in India makes it easier for citizens to access high speed internet. Digitization has also simplified mobile banking. Reaching the Digital India scheme is now easier because a Common Service Center is available in the cloud, where you can share private data. The cloud is secure and safe from cyber crimes.

Digitization assists enterprises to streamline their processes by slowly eliminating their dependency on paperwork. Banks are one of the biggest beneficiaries of digitization. They can now use certain processes to enable their staff to do more work.

Digitization also makes it easier for the nation to progress by promoting the use of e-services. Digitization makes I easy for citizens to use many government services. By promoting digitization efforts, the government is also moving towards development. It is creating new opportunities in terms of technology, jobs and transparency. Digitization has also helped streamline the process of filing taxes.

As a digital agency, GBIM technologies Pvt. Ltd is a firm believer in the idea of digitization. This idea can transform India into an economic powerhouse by reducing paperwork and dependency on government employees. This can even help reduce corruption.

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