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How You Can Change Your Game with Local SEO in 2019? Here are Some Industry Insights

by | Jun 12, 2019 | SEO

Local SEO or local search engine is like a mediator between your business and target audience. The basic purpose of the local SEO is to reach those places where your consumers are residing, working or spending most of the time making purchases. Local business owners are already facing challenges to fight competitors like Amazon.

A lot of people are dependent on local search for products and services. Hence, it’s constantly growing and changing that is making difficult for the marketers to keep up with the pace. With competition getting fierce, business owners are facing additional challenges to drive results. Every product or service provider is trying to maintain their presence online. Regardless of the nature of the business, every marketer has to focus on both, digital and customers in the real world. Additionally, they have to be cognitive of the number of queries posted on the Google Knowledge Panel, which are important to understanding to stay in the competition and drive business.

According to the recent report, it was discovered that how the trends are changing and what are the biggest challenges faced by local SEO earlier and what steps business owners can take in the year 2019 to stay ahead. The results were:-

  • Most of the business owners do not have optimized content to meet the purpose of online promotion. With Google Algorithms intensifying after their 2018 results, it has become all the more important to evaluate the quality of your website content. Sites with exceptional depth in quality will have better rankings in the coming year. The content strategy should not just be about answering questions of your audience but also guide them with the next possible action.
  • Business owners need to plan their marketing strategies like events, sponsorships or directs asks that has helped owners stay ahead in the competition.
  • Shockingly, 17% of the business owners do not have either in-house SEO teams or taking support from other local SEO services in Mumbai to manage their SEO services. Constant support to promote your business is becoming all the more important to generate results.
  • A significant amount of local business owners are not using the digital medium to promote their business
  • Almost 35% of business owners are not using link building strategy to generate traffic

The competition is getting harder with every passing day. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary to devise business strategies that will help to promote your business on the internet. Local SEO is not an easy road to travel. But, if you plan to journey on this road, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself – “Are your customers aware of your business”, “Are they finding it difficult to search”. As aforementioned, Local SEO is like a medium between the customers and their purchases. By taking these results in consideration, hopefully, you would plan your strategies for 2019 accordingly. For support, you can look for Local SEO company Mumbai to enhance your SEO capabilities

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