How To Write Better Content For Social Media Platforms

Facts About Content Writing For Social Media Platforms

Great social media content is not written quickly or hastily but is like a good and tasty dish. It comprises strong ingredients like high-quality data, visually appealing images, industry insights and compelling writing. All these ingredients simmer  together for churning out perfectly cooked content in the form of social media posts.


Content can make or break your digital marketing & social media strategies.

Social Media platforms are ever-changing, and your content needs to align with these changes.

For creating great social media content, it is important that you invest enough time and effort. Creating a social media content strategy will help you create better content for social media platforms.

Having a social media content strategy helps you define your content goals, set deadlines and take your content to the next level. It gives you the needed direction to follow, and helps you organize your social media content strategies.


Tips For Writing Killer Content For Social Media Platforms


1. Research, Research, Research! 

You must conduct in-depth research for creating quality rich and clickable content. You need to create content that attracts your target group. Today, social media platforms are bombarded with all types of content- be it infographics, articles, blogs, reviews, etc. 

It can be extremely boring for audiences to go through similar content or irrelevant content. Therefore ensure that your content is relevant and interesting.

Try and create content that connects emotionally with your target audiences, like sharing success stories or fantastic customer service experiences.




  2. Analyze Previous Social Media Content Performance

Consider yourself lucky if your company already has an existing social media account. This gives you tons of valuable data for analyzing and improving your social media content performance. Identify content that performs exceedingly well and analyze what made it perform so well over social media platforms. Was it the videos? Or writing style? Or maybe the images?

You can tweak your social media content strategy accordingly, after analyzing your content performance.


3. Select Your Social Media Platforms      

Before writing effective content for social media, it is important to choose the correct social media platforms for which you will be writing content. Make sure to select a social media platform preferred by your target audience. Different social media platforms have different content requirements. For instance, Instagram requires you to include relevant hashtags within your content, whereas Twitter has a character limit of 280 words.

Also remember, some social media platforms are text-based, whereas some are image-based or video-based. Once you select your preferred social media platforms, you can develop high-quality and rich content.



4. Be Grammatically Correct, Always!


Being Grammatically correct is one of the most significant elements to remember while writing effective social media content. Although social media is a more informal marketing medium, your Grammar must be impeccable compared to other marketing mediums.


Why is that?

Despite being a less formal digital marketing medium, social media platforms form an equally important part of your digital marketing strategies. They are the platform where you display your brand to your target audiences. You want to come across as an interesting brand, not an unprofessional one.




5.Keep Your Content Simple And Short   

Remember, social media is where people know about things, be it the latest news, discover new products, or even watch memes. 

People do not want to be bored or read long detailed essays, filled with words that they cannot understand. 

They want to read content that is easily understood, short, simple and interesting. Always keep your content exciting, interesting and easily readable by everyone.






6.Make It Visually Appealing

Again, nobody wants to read-only text-based content with zero images. People are usually active on social media when they have some time to spare.

A person who is on a lunch-break does not want to read an article or a blog with no images; they want something that excites them visually, makes them feel happy. If your social media content has no visuals, it will not be appreciated, irrespective of its content value. Remember, visuals and words both together create solid social media content.



  7. Add Effective Call To Actions

You can pump your audience by adding strong CTAs as without one people will not take any action after reading your content, even after enjoying it.

CTAs come in many forms and serve different purposes.

  • Ask your audience to like and share your social media posts
  • Ask questions that the audiences can answer in the comments
  • Interlink Your content
  • Ask them to connect with you on other social media platforms.

Adding CTAs into your social media content increases its click-through and engagement rates.



Social Media & Content 101: Expand Your Social Media Traffic



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