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    How To Start Your Online Ecommerce Store?

    • October 26, 2021
    • Nirlep Patel
    • 4 min read

    With advancements in technology, there have been various changes in our lifestyle. Not only this, but the modes of shopping have also changed. These days everything has been made convenient for us. Online shopping has influenced every need, from groceries to clothing and furniture. Online shopping is the new buzz in the market. Nowadays people prefer to shop for high-quality products in their homes and offices. Having an eCommerce website is a must for a brand to increase sales.

    So if you want to start an online store, then read on to know more 

    Decide on your niche

    With all of that said, you want to start by doing some brainstorming. If you can find a small niche market that is not being serviced, you can do very well with an online store – and avoid lots of competition. List the areas where you have experience, skills, or interest. The best eCommerce website development company in Bangalore can help you in finding a perfect niche for you. 


    Choose between dropshipping or holding your products.

    If you have decided what you will be selling, the next step is choosing whether you will drop shipping or hold your products.

    If you dropship, the supplier will directly ship the products to the customer. 

    • You need not purchase the products; hence there is no need for capital
    • There is no risk; You can list many items on your eCommerce store
    • No warehousing costs
    • No picking and packing activities

    But when you hold your products

    • You should buy the products
    • Store the products 
    • Pack and ship them to your customers

    Brainstorm a business name and register your domain name.

    Choose a name and register your domain name. The business name plays a crucial role in attracting customers, so choose wisely. 

    • Choose a name that is easy to remember
    • Choose a name available with the .com domain
    • Choose a name that can connect your customers
    • Don’t choose a name that is long and hard to remember
    • Don’t choose a name that has a combination of alphabets and numerical


    Choose products to sell

    Once you have decided on your niche, the next step is to choose what products you will sell. You need to decide what type of products you will be selling.

    Therefore, you should take the time to finalize the products. When you are about to start your own business offline, you can’t just escape the task of choosing your products, right? Hence it is important to select the products. After selecting products, it is necessary to get in touch with a professional eCommerce website design company in Bangalore to design a site as per your products. 


    Create your website with an online store builder

    Sign up for a free trial

    Sign up for a free trial with an online store builder and create a website for your online store. There are various firms that will help you to build your website.


    Choose a template/theme.

    Now, if you have a free trial with an online store builder, choose a theme for your website. There are various templates or themes available. You can choose one according to your requirements.

    If you aren’t certain which theme you want, don’t be bothered! You can change the template or theme later. Professional eCommerce website development companies in Bangalore are well-versed in theme selection and offer templates that will suit your brand. 


    Upload your products

    Once you create your website and upload your products, it is always necessary to add products carefully and with good descriptions, images, and other related information to a product.

    Add product category, make sure it is informative and attractive enough to draw customer’s attention. Also, add images, videos in the description. Use a high-quality camera to take. Pictures. The eCommerce website development company you hired in Bangalore will assist in uploading the products effectively with experience. 


    Fill in your other pages.

    • Fill in other pages such as customer support. 
    • Add a product short description to be displayed on the top of a product. Ensure to highlight the important information in the short description, as your customer will see for the first time.
    • Customize the publish option on the left bar 
    • Do not forget to add product categories. It will help you to sort the products.
    • Create relevant tags to the product and link them to the other products with the same tags
    • Exchange and returns 
    • Contact us pages 

    Ask your eCommerce website development company in Bangalore to design pages to help the users navigate easily. 


    Look through the rest of your settings.

    Shopping cart design determines the effectiveness of the front end. Ideally, it should have harmony with the overall online storefront design.

    • You need to decide on the payment methods that will be used to purchase your products. 
    • You also need to specify how your customers can reach you, whether they have to create an account or they can simply log into your website through the link.


    Check all the other settings

    • Database management
    • Integrating and managing shipping information
    • Tracking affiliate marketing
    • Secure payment system
    • Report producing facility.


    Set up a company and get a sales tax ID

    Once you have set up a website, suppliers, and products, you need to establish your business and get a sales tax id.

    A perfect eCommerce website design company in Bangalore can help you easily understand the business and create a website that will suit your brand and target audiences. 

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