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    How To Expand Web Traffic Through Social Media Marketing

    • February 28, 2020
    • Nirlep Patel
    • 6 min read

    Increasing the number of users visiting a web page is, without a doubt. One of the main objectives of any Social Media Marketing department or external Digital Marketing Agency hired to manage the online presence of a brand.

    Getting a dynamic presence on social Media Platforms increases the brand value of your services and products. But neither should you sign up for everyone hastily manner, as it can be counterproductive.

    You must select the one that best suit your business style and, above all, based on those where the audience you want to reach. A good option is to use a Social Media Marketing Idea that encourages the engagement of users with your posts.

    Try not to leave questions or complaints unanswered. Try to provide great content that has significance, and that clarifies doubts that have been asked you.

    Strategies in social networks to increase web traffic

    If you are opting for Twitter as your social media platform to gain Website traffic, the use of hashtags and high-quality graphics will be the axis of the strategy. Using the paid advertising will give us a greater view of the tweets and, therefore, greater possibilities for twits to be shared, we believe virality.

    Identify influential people in the sector. Currently, the so-called influencers, or people who have made their hobbies a job and carry it out on social networks.

    This strategy is chosen by many companies to increase their social web traffic of potential customers, who could not reach from another way or those who could not have reach easily.

    If LinkedIn is one axis of the digital strategy for generating web traffic, being an active part of the discussion groups is mandatory. On LinkedIn, there are many conversational spaces between professionals where they can comment, post content, or establish relevant conversations of the sector of each company.

    Taking part and making yourself visible in these forums can lead to qualified traffic to your website that could generate many in customers shortly.

    1. Include The Keyword In Titles

    Not all words have the same power, so you have to know how to carry out this skill in posts. Using certain power words will cause the user to stay and read the content.

    But what exactly are powerful words? With examples, you will see it clearer. Some of them are: authentic, proven, certified, spectacular, or sensational. Adding these words in your headlines will make them take great power and get the attention of users with a greater impact, improving leads accordingly.

    2. Nourish Calls to Action

    Using calls to action is very popular on websites and creating optimized landing pages are the best ways to increase Web Traffic . Also, including them in social media content will increase the attraction of traffic dramatically.

    According to the latest studies, it is stated that the user interacts more with those posts that ask for it. Therefore, be creative and create effective calls to action to make the user interact.

    3. Create Content That Response to What Your Users Demand

    One of the basic premises for the content to work is none other than to be useful for your users and anticipate any doubts that may arise. To do this, you must follow a few simple steps:

    • Analyse your users
    • Research what they want and what they need
    • Reflect on what content can respond to your needs
    • Offer this content

    In those cases in which the content you are making available to the user speaks only of your brand, you will not be providing high-value content.

    4. Fix The Time Slots for Social Media Marketing Campaign

    The time slots play an important role in the post’s success. Knowing the best time to publish content is key to get more Social Media Traffic . By publishing the contents in these hours, you will make sure that the users will receive your post.

    There are many occasions when you have wondered what has failed in your social media posts, so it is unsuccessful. And perhaps it has been precisely the time slot in which you have launched it. Upload it at the exact time and improve the interest of traffic and leads.

    5. Content On Social Networks To Generate Quality Web Traffic

    Once the public you want to address through social networks is defined, and you have already decided which of these networks we will feed, it is time to publish. Some questions that will help you get it right by addressing your target audience on social networks.

    6. What Content Could Work Best for Social Media marketing?

    If the goal is to attract web traffic through social networks, the content will have to be different, striking, and excellent.

    If we create content that solves a need of the potential customer and that contributes something that has not previously seen in that zone or for several months. It will surely seem attractive to the target audience. What will we have achieved? Attract qualified traffic to the website, the one that interested.

    7. What Visual Tools Can Be Used When Publishing?

    We will be more likely to generate traffic to the website if the post on social networks is striking. Besides interesting content, what can a potential customer do?

    8. What Is The Ideal Periodicity?

    The ideal periodicity does not exist. Nor by writing more content on social networks, you will generate web traffic directly proportional to this number of posts.

    If the information shared on social networks is attractive and provides the user with relevant information. It may be interesting to make fewer posts with greater content and quality than thin and more meaningless.

    Ideally, at least once or twice a week, we write on the chosen social networks. We cannot start a journey on this channel and then leave it for the following month. The podcasts will be one key to continue attracting qualified traffic to the website.

    9. Identify The Most Convenient Times To Publish

    The essential point was to define the best times to publish, to ensure we reach most of our audience on social networks. We realized that the same content, posted at specific hours of the day, sometimes exhibited much higher traffic levels than in others.

    After identifying your best schedules, the “Default Schedules” function of our app for publishing post on Facebook and Twitter was very useful. With it, we could establish the previously defined Social Media publication parameters according to each social network.

    For example, “Every day at 8.00 “. Resorting to that function saved us from having to enter specific schedules each time we scheduled a post.

    10. Publish On Facebook Groups

    Another essential point of the Social Media Marketing strategy is to take advantage of various social media groups like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups or spaces on Quora. These are free tools ideal for segmenting the audience and loyalty users.

    Given that people are looking for spaces of belonging where they can share their interests, we took advantage of that circumstance and create local groups.

    Then we should provide our content through them, selecting which articles to share based on the specific preferences of each group. Thus, we can notice that member users were much more interested in posts and share them among themselves and with their community of friends.

    11. Optimize Site To Increase Web Traffic

    Besides executing the steps described, we should understand that it was essential to optimize the site to accompany the strategy implemented. We should mainly concern with retaining the new visitors that we could capture and improving the overall user experience on our website.

    Thus, given that our second source of traffic is Social Media Networks, we may get struck by the high bounce rate and for this, we can easily take help from a reputed SEO agency . The bounce rate is the number of times a user has left the site from the Home page or entry with zero interaction with it.

    To know what caused that situation, we review and retouch our website, to offer reasons for the public to stay. This is the checklist we created to optimize the site:

    12. It Must Be Comfortable And Navigable

    It has to have a clean appearance, which allows the user to easily decide where to go to find what he or she needs. Menus must be clear and orderly. You must also have an internal search engine and thematic categories that order the contents.

    13. It Must Have Social Share Buttons

    At the beginning and end of the webpages, users must have access to buttons to share your content on social networks (mainly Twitter and Facebook). It will help to increase the traffic from social network sites. Your Link may get the chance to be shared with many people in your Facebook group.


    As these days web traffic is one of the best ways to get more business. So if you have an online business then you must have good web traffic so that more and more customers know about your business and you get maximum ROI. For this professional Social Media Marketing Agency will help you to gain a lot of webs traffic.

    Nirlep Patel
    I am an internet entrepreneur and also the Co-Founder of GBIM Technologies, India’s fastest growing internet marketing company. My forte lies in actively lending technical expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, SEM Google AdWords, SMM. Spanning about 14 years of focus on Digital Marketing, GBIM today has become one of the greatest digital marketing company. This could have been possible only because of the trust which our clients have on us, and the quality services we have delivered to them I have always believed that more is lost from indecision than wrong decisions and as a result, we have managed to create an environment where people are encouraged to challenge process and innovate. This culture has cultivated a highly motivated team with an open approach where anyone can share their thoughts and ideas freely.
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