How to Boost PPC ROI with Call Tracking & Conversation Intelligence ?

PPC Adwords 

PPC Adwords or Google’s Ads campaign will fetch you the desired results only if you tend to pay close attention to the working of the same. Google PPC Adwords are known for increasing the conversion rates and enhancing ROI of the business in almost no time, unlike Search Engine Optimization. But, not all great things come easy. There are several aspects to the PPC Adwords that you need to keep in mind while focusing on maximizing the PPC ROI. Two primary elements can boost your PPC Adwords ROI dramatically and those include call tracking and conversation intelligence. 

How Does Call Tracking Works For PPC Adwords?

Call tracking uses a technology called Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). it generates a unique number every time a visitor on your site sees and dial instead of dialling up on the main number. Irrespective of this, the calls will be diverted to your businesses only. 

This plays a vital role because tracking these unique IDs will help you track the important informative metrics like where the visitors are coming from, where the visitors saw your ad, what exact keywords were used for organic search, and which all pages are ranking higher on the SERPs and are bringing the maximum traffic. 

Having access to all such information will lead you to take some important decisions leading to higher efficacy of your PPC Adwords campaign and increased ROIs. 

Here are a few ways in which call tracking can help the PPC AdWords campaign of your business. 

  • Allows you to track phone calls from several marketing channels apart from Google Adwords platform. 
  • Identify which all keywords were used while searching the respective search engines. 
  • Facilitates you with the power to use local, premium, and toll-free mobile numbers. 
  • Noticeable increment in the ROIs. 
  • Evaluate which all pages are generating the most number of calls. 
  • Gives you a fair idea about which all pages need alterations in terms of keyword stuffing, CTA placements, navigation etc. 
  • Record, and playback your recorded calls for further training and improvement purposes. 


How Does Conversation Intelligence Work?

Conversation Intelligence provides excellent insights from the callers in terms of actionable marketing, consumer experience, sales, etc. All of this has been possible after combining call tracking and conversation analytics which is powered by artificial intelligence. 

The conversation intelligence software works towards the mining of the meaningful and actionable data and helps your business scale up. Having the powers to alter your campaigns as per the requirements and liking of your customers will prove beneficial in maximizing the ROIs of your company because you kept the king of the market at the focal point. 

PPC Adwords will prove beneficial only if it has powers to meet the legit needs of your customers. Knowing what your customers expect from you and also being able to fulfil those requirements will help you fetch the best of everything. 

Needless to say, Call tracking and conversation intelligence together gives you a fair idea about what all things will work efficiently in accordance to help you maximize the overall PPC Adwords return on investments. PPC Adwords are all about increasing conversion rate and with the help of call tracking and conversation intelligence, you can sail through. 



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