Google’s Next Big Mobile-Friendly Update

Soon after the Pigeon Update in 2014, Google was all set for its next update. And eventually in 2015 Google rolled out the Mobile-Friendly Update. Google doesn’t fail to show its concern about its users and this time as well Google tried to enhance the user experience on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and phablets with the mobile-friendly update.

Primary Motive: Google now prioritizes websites and apps that have been optimized for perceiving on mobile devices and set higher in the rankings. With respect to the SEO industry, the word Mobilegedon was introduced for this particular update as the outcomes would be broad. (

How does this update work?

The update impacted these particular areas:

  • It affects the mobile search. The traditional Google search was not touched for desktop PCs.

  • It also impacts the SERPs in countries globally where Google availed its products.

  • It does not affect entire websites, rather particular pages that appear to match a search query.


Google stated that this particular update avoids banishing non-optimized pages. If a page still actively offers high-quality content for a specific search query, it will still have good rankings.

Google further added that with this update searchers will find it easy to discover high-quality and relevant results where text can be read devoid of tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced properly, and the page overlooks unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

Google further added though this update is essential from the user’s perspective, we continue using numerous signals to rank search results.

Note: If your site’s pages lack mobile-friendliness, there may be a downfall in mobile traffic from Google Search. No need to be anxious, after your site turns mobile-friendly, Google will re-process your pages.

Dharmesh Patel
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