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Google’s Latest Update on Fate Of The Structured Data Testing Tool

by | Dec 18, 2020 | SEO, Structured Data

Google's latest update on fate of Structured Data Testing Tool

On July 7, 2020, Google had made an announcement stating that Google’s Rich Results Test had started supporting all Google Search rich results features and was out of its Beta Version. Google had also planned on deprecating the Structured Data testing tool and recommended using the Rich Results Test for validating structured data.

Google had mentioned the reasons for preferring the Rich Results Test tool over the structured data testing tool:

  • The test shows the valid search enhancement features for the said markup you provide
  • It dynamically handles loaded structured data markup effectively.
  • It provides both mobile and desktop versions of a result.
  • It is seamlessly aligned with Search Console reports.

Come December 15, 2020, and the fate of the structured data testing tool has been decided!

Google has announced that it will no longer deprecate the structured data tool but use it smartly for the time being. It means that Google will allow you to use the structured data tool for the time being but strongly recommends you to use the Rich Results Test as the Structured Data testing tool does plan to go away in the future.

Google, being the people’s search engine, considered the feedback received on their July announcement and has decided to not deprecate the Structured Data Testing Tool just yet.

In fact, for showing their support towards the structured data testing tool, Google plans on migrating it to a completely new domain that serves the community. This migration will take place by April 2021.

How Will I Use The New Refocussed Structured Data Tool?

You can use the refocussed validator for ensuring whether or not you are using valid properties or to validate a property type that Google does not explicitly consume presently.

But for testing markups for the rich result experience on Google search, you will have to use the Rich Results Test and Search Console.

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