Google Updates : Latest Search Console Crawl Stats Report

On 24th November, Google rolled out a new update to its popular website site auditing tool – Search Console. In this update, a new crawl stats report has been added. And according to Google, this will help webmasters to understand the process of site crawling. 

With the new crawl stats report, you can now finally see how Googlebot crawls your website. Many times, there are several issues related to crawling. 

Earlier, it was difficult to pinpoint why this was happening. But now with the latest update, it won’t be a problem. 

What’s New?

As mentioned earlier, Google’s new crawl stats report was recently added to its Search Console tool. Many people are not aware of this update and what exactly it does. 

Don’t worry, we have you covered. 

Understanding this update and its benefits will definitely open up new doors for your website’s performance. It’s what every webmaster’s along with every SEO savvy person should do. So what are you waiting for?    

Let’s see the features of the Search Console’s new Crawl Stats Report below. 

Overtime Charts 

First of all, you will have access to the overtime charts through this Crawl Stats Report. Basically, you can see the Googlebot’s crawling history on your website. 

It will look something like this. 


Is that it? Not at all. 

This report will allow you to see total requests, average response time and also the total download size of the Googlebot.  

Furthermore, with this new update, you can see the total number of requests grouped by – 

  • Response code
  • File type
  • Crawl purpose
  • Googlebot type

Which will look something like this. 


Detailed Host Status

Second, webmasters will get in-depth host status in this Crawl Stats Report. Due to this, you can see your website’s availability to the various hosts on Google for the last 90 days.


  With such useful insights, you can easily fix these issues. 

Furthermore, you can also view multiple hosts’ properties in the summary view of the report. Indeed, a very useful feature.

And Last, this report will highlight a few URLs to show exactly where the request occured. Even though this is not a big feature, it may come in handy. 


Every now and then, Google keeps updating it’s services and products on a regular basis. Some are very popular amongst the webmasters and some are equally disliked by them. However, this update has been welcomed by everyone across the Google Search Engine platform.  


The new Crawl Stats Report update will allow everyone to see how the crawler interacts with their respective websites. With this update, webmasters, developers and SEO can finally get down to the actual crawling issue by themselves. And this is done, fixing it would be very easy. 


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