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Google Trends


10 Mind-Blowing Tricks To Use Google Trends

Google Trends cannot be targeted to be your average SEO tool. If you are into dropshipping and e-commerce, it is important to let you know the seasonal trends of some products within your niche. You can always use the same for edging out competitors by just monitoring positions. Here, you will learn how to monitor everything right from the YouTube stats to Google Trends and then compare the features. But more than that, you will know ways to use Google Trends to help improve your business and scale it to the next height.

  1. Using Trends to find the niches:

Well, it is true that Google Trends is one tool to find your niche well. While looking for a new one, you have to be sure that you change your range from the “past 12 months” to “2004-present.”

It helps you to see clearly whether the search volume is declining or increasing. It will also allow you to see seasonal trends within a clear-cut shot.

  1. Checking in with the proper product categories within related topics:

Once you have owned your niche, it is vital to expand it into other verticals. For example, you have a niche store on fake eyelashes. So, in place of selling fake lashes in store, you can sell other product categories that people are interested in.

So, look for “related topics” at the bottom of the page to know more about the niche categories to follow. Among all the examples available “Eye” and “nail” are a bit unrelated to fake lashes but can make sense as product categories available in your store. So, to expand the collections in the store, check related topics for some help here.

  1. Perfect for studying trends:

Seasonal changes are great indicators of people’s current buying decisions. So, there is going to be a critical behavioral change that can happen at certain times. So, to sell well, you have to be sure of seasonal trends happening.

Some of the notable tendencies will be Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, and more. So, studying events around these periods will help you in getting on the right path of knowing the items to sell during this time.

  1. Dealing with the social media outreach:

Google Trends is not just targeted at websites but can also be used for social media outreach. So, you can use Google Trends YouTube for putting out timely content well.

A comparison between what is vital on Google Trends and YouTube will showcase a clearer picture to explain the trend first. So, check out the niche keywords and then add another variable like time. 

  1. Dealing with a notable niche within Google searches:

In case you are just starting out in this field, then you have to find the right niche where you have a proper number of clients. This rule is highly applicable in case you are planning to expand to another segment completely. 

Well, it is good to know that Google Trends for content will always show you what the services have been and the ones with the highest number of monthly searches out there. Be sure to use that same information in order to make an informed decision.

  1. For the keyword research:

For example, you are selling women’s blouses. Google Trends will show that searches for this are trending upward, which is also a good sign. But, then you have to figure out which keywords you need to follow and ways to name the product categories. You will know ways to optimize blog posts on the topic associated with women’s blouses. 

A little trick to do that is by taking a quick look at “related queries.” You will constantly get to see the most promising use of keywords around here.

  1. Now for the content freshness:

Content marketing will help top online retailers to own more traffic and increase the current brand awareness. It is one way to get more customers than before. So, creating proper blog content for the site will help your business to bloom. One easy way to drive a sudden spike in search traffic is through “content freshness.” It is when you will remove outdated content and then add fresh new details. It is one way to republish the content.

  1. Content focusing on current trends:

On Google Trends’ homepage, you will come across “trending searches.” Trending searches are the hottest topics of the said moment. You get to browse daily trending searches, with search by country and real-time search trends.

While most of them are associated with celebrity news, there are times when you will come across buzz-worthy stories to tie within your niche. 

  1. Finding niche topics depending on the region:

Another major fact of Google Trends is how you are able to find topic niches, depending on your region. Whenever the matter is around advertising, it is important to target an audience based on country. The audience of one country or region will be completely different from the rest. So, let’s break down their needs first and then start focusing on the topics, depending on what makes them more interested in your product.

  1. Check out competitors’ positions with the Google Trends compare tool:

On this Google Trends tool, you get the chance to monitor your competitors and check how well they are doing against your brand. This feature will help you to compare around 5 search terms or competitors, all at once. As your brand starts to gain a bigger search audience, you will use Google Trends compare to be sure that you remain always ahead of your said competitors out there.

So, these are the 10 mind-blowing tricks to follow while planning to use the power of Google Trends for the first time. Learn more by logging online!

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