COVID-19 pandemic has brought a drastic change in our lifestyles. Every business sector has been suffering a massive loss, and the travel industry is one of them that got smashed hardest during this pandemic. Online travel bookings, window ticket booking, all have been padlocked and their reopening is still not assured in a few states of our country.

Today, booking travel online is not easy. Each day, COVID related new restrictions are being levied and the case counts are constantly increasing. Though the Government of India has started railway and flight services there still exist a bunch of restrictions to be followed when people are planning to go out for a vacation during the pandemic.

Google’s Improvised Approach

Google has been experiencing a huge surge for search volumes that relates to travel updates. Hence, it is trying to put Coronavirus data on local attractions, hotels, and flights, to keep it updated with among the rest.

Google Travel Portal With Added features

Google has recently restructured its travel portal that included pandemic related data. It has added features that keep changing its recommendations and flights as per your online search. Google’s travel portal is displaying travel trends that will let you know needed and additional information about flights and hotels. Based on this, you would be advised to take any decision regarding travel.

What Are Google’s Travel Trends?

If you are looking for the travel portal of Google, then visit this site- This portal has been updated with all travel trends of Google. The prime purpose of this portal is to let customers know the various data about the Covid-19 epidemic.

In the regular search method, Google has already provided Covid-19 related warnings about the destinations. For an instance, if you search for hotels and flights then, Google Travel will show you all the useful information for every searched destination.

Google’s Say On The Strategy & Travel Advisory Warning Update

Google also started showing the percentage of open hotels along with the availability and flights operating in the respective cities or countries.

The search engine urges its customers on visiting and click on a trip they are planning to do. If you are searching for hotels, the customers can see trend lines for flight and hotel accessibility. Not least, links related to additional local resources along with the facts and figures of COVID-19 cases will also be shown.
Talking about travel advisory updates, Google interface also displays travel advisories that warn and indicate travelers whether the destination is infected with the COVID-19 pandemic or not. All you have to do is to tap on the Travel advisory button and you will be redirected to Google search page that will tell everything about the pandemic situation at the searched destination with accuracy.

Added Filter Of Free Cancellation
Besides, its ample amount of features, the travel portal has also introduced a filter that will display all the hotels that offer free cancellation facility. However, users can see this information when they toggle.
The key aim behind launching this feature is to assist travelers if they feel to change their plans due to some obstacles.

Google says, “Owing to the COVID-19, people may want litheness when making travel plans. Hence, various hotels and vacation rentals now offer free cancellation to give travelers more confidence when planning trips. You can search for a hotel or a vacation rental, and our portal will let you filter and see only rooms or properties with free cancellation policies.”

Final Thoughts
At present, there are a few websites that display a warning at the top of the page. This warning asks users to visit Google and look for health advisories. Though the reasons are not yet found out, these websites ask users to migrate and ask users to get authenticated information from Google itself since it is the only search engine that offers sturdy, genuine, and the most updated information.

Google has been a universal platform for everyone and people choose to rely on it to stay updated with even minor things. However, its core aim is just to offer the ever best and useful information to the users and keep them abreast of the headlines. This makes users really happy and content because, with Google, they are not confronting any lack of information. Google has been providing relevant and updated information since ages which is why the users keep going back to Google and heave a sigh of relief with the rationalized data.

Down the line, the launch of a new travel portal is something that Google is trying to offer to its users. It is organizing every information across the world and is making the data available to its users as and when required. So, stay updated with Google in this pandemic for this would be your true companion that will offer you nothing but the most recent updates!

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