Google Search Console’s Change Of Address Tool Adds Site Redirect Validation

  • March 17, 2020
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 4 min read

Search Console is a Google’s In house tool to analyse website’s organic traffic. It also helps in assisting with the issues on our website. On the off chance that you are a webmaster, Google Search Console is your go-to-tool for seeing how the website is performing on the Search Engine Results Page of Google.

Google from time to time keeps on updating the Search Console and rolling out new updates to assist webmasters with features and devices that can help them with monitoring website performance.

The new feature for site redirection validation in search consoles will help in better performance of the website and hence, they will be able to serve users with a smooth experience.

Features Added Recently In The Search Console:

This tool notifies Google regarding your URL redirect to another URL and assists with generating your Google Search results from your old URL to your new URL.

The change of address tool of the Search Console permits webmasters to inform Google when a site has migrated to start with one domain URL then onto the next or while migrating one sub-domain then onto the next. for example, from to or

At the point when Google is told about a domain change, it will organize slithering and ordering the new area over the old space. Confirming change of address, the solicitation will likewise inform Google to consider the signals that webmaster is addressing.

To make this tool considerably increasingly valuable for site proprietors, Google is including the accompanying new features.

Website Redirection:

Before the update, webmasters complained that their website redirected too many times because of website redirect malware, and it was creating some chaos for them to manage.

At the beginning of February 2020, Google added a couple of new features in the google search console website redirect checker to assist webmasters by taking the approval of its website redirection demand.

This gives the chance to the webmaster with the help of Google search console tool to redirect all the authority and trust picked up by the old domain to the upgraded one. Also, any webmaster who has a go at getting to the more established version of the website gets naturally redirected to the upgraded one.

Webmasters did not understand whether the sidetracks are effective. Google is turning out many new features to help users with evolving domains.

Google Search Console authorises webmasters to notify Google when WordPress website redirect starting with one domain to another or one sub-domain redirect to the new one.

At the point when Google is advising about a domain change, it will organize creeping and ordering the new domain over the old one. To make this tool considerably progressively helpful for webmasters, Google is including the new features.

GSC’s Address Tools With New Redirection Validation Feature:

As reported, the Search Console will show whether a redirection of a website is proper or not. On the off chance that the redirect looks substantial, you can affirm the navigation with Google at that moment.

Google’s new Search Console update will help you identify at whatever point you sign into the dashboard of the navigating domain.

Google prompts that it might take as long as 180 days to finish a difference in address demand. Probably, the new google search console update will show throughout the whole procedure.

The difference in address tool in the Search Console must be just a part of the domain change process. As referenced, before using the tool, webmasters should make 301 redirects for the landing page just as every single standard page.

Google Webmaster’s Twitt About Redirection Validation Feature:

Google tweeted on Google Webmaster is that “Google updated new features to Search Console. This update accompanied the “Difference in address tool” that appeared on the Google Search Console.

The domain changing procedure gets simpler for the site owner. For instance, you can rapidly navigate to

At the point when Google learns about domain change, at that point it will be a need to slither and order the new domain over the old one.

The two new features as turning out by Google:

  1. Website redirection approval for top 5 URLs of the moving domain.
  2. Updates on both the moving domain and the goal domain (On-screen update)

While changing the domain, Google search support will show you a token of domain changing. The google search console update opens at whatever point you are redirecting to the domain dashboard. The On-screen update resembles this site is at present moving to (for instance).

According to Google, the difference in address solicitation can take around a half year. Throughout this period, this update persistently shows on the dashboard’s screen. Changing your site address from Http to https. The most straightforward answer to deal with this change is to utilize a 301 redirect.


The change of address tool can be an exceptionally hearty element, and including the update, a site is redirecting can assist with maintaining a strategic distance while using the device.

The principal reason behind this device has gotten progressively helpful for site proprietors, and Google is including these awesome new features. Google included redirect validation for top five URLs of the domains.

The tool will show you the redirection path, approve the path, give you a few models and give you suggestions for any issue in redirects.

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