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Google Search Console Adds Video Enhancement, Video Appearances Performance Reports

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Google Search Console

Being the giant search engine, Google always attempts to meet the trend by making the developers aware of the reports of the performance of the videos published by them. And to do it, an update to the Google Search Console is assisting the publishers to learn how perfectly the video contents are performing in the search engine result pages. This will help the publishers to fix the issues that they are facing with their videos, even in case Google has trouble indexing those.

Those days are past when text used to occupy the majority of the web, as better hardware and faster connection are helpful for the video contents to appear everywhere. Nowadays, videos have become an integral part of the web as these consuming loads of bandwidth, garner loads of engagements, and attract a massive audience. More and more businesses are now targeting on creating informative and user-friendly videos for the clients so that people can find the necessary information quite easily.

There are mainly three ways through which the searchers come across the videos in Google:

  • The “Videos” tab available in the Google search results
  • The main page of search results
  • Suggested content section available in the Google Discover feed

As videos now have become one of the most effective ways through which people exchange information and also put data into Google Discover and Google Search, therefore Google likes to help these website owners and publishers so that they can help the visitors to know more about the topic of a web page or the entire website.

Since the things that are good for the visitors of any website are good for the website owners or publishers, and also good for the search engine like Google, the details of “Video Enhancement” report and the “Video Appearances in Performance” ensure that all the parties involved in this process get mostly benefited.

  • Video appearances in the performance report details: The first report works as an option under the performance report within the “Search Appearances” to view the impressions and video-only clicks. According to Google, the performance reports come already with the option to check the performance of the results of the video tab search by just typing “Video”. But now Google has extended the support for videos so that the website owners or the video publishers can check the performance of their videos in the main tab of search results by typing “Web”. And they can also check the same in the “Discover” section by using the appearance of the new “Videos”.This report will be shown by the content in case the publisher uses VideoObject structured data or in case Google uses some other signals to identify that there is a video available on the webpage.
    • Video in discover performance report: The video reports are quite similar for Google Discover. But here one needs to click on the “Discover” button first, which is available on the left side. After that, the user can filter the result by videos in the search appearances. But in this section, one can’t see the queries or the device type used.
    • Video in search performance report: This is a particular search console analysis and performance report. This works as clear evidence of the web pages of the sites where the top-performing videos are available. Here contents also can appear with the video appearance in case the webpage uses Video-Object structured data. But these results can also be dug by the details like page, query, device, county, and data like other types of performance reports.
  • Video enhancement report details: Apart from the video appearances in the performance report details, Google has also introduced a new video enhancement report. For the websites that take the help of structured data for annotating videos, Google would show this latest “Video” report under the enhancement section. This report will help the site owners or the video publishers to check the video errors along with the warnings for the markup executed on the websites.
    This way, this report will help them to fix all those errors. And whenever the user will attempt to fix those issues, they would be able to use the details of this report to validate in case this way easily resolved by crawling on the pages, which are affected.
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