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Google Core Update July 2021: 21 Smart Google SEO Tips for 2021

by | Aug 2, 2021 | SEO

Google Core Update July 2021

Google’s July Core Algorithm for the month of July is rolled out. The changes in the ranking are witnessed due to normal shifts and modifications in the search results. The core Update was issued in the afternoon, and the new search index has rolled out at all the data centers. If you have lost your rankings then, you must try to analyze your SEO strategy and make the necessary modifications. An understanding of what happened and how you get control of the situation can help you to boost your SEO rankings.

What is a core algorithm update? 

Well, Google hardly shares some information about the parameters it considers for the search engine ranking, indexing, and query analysis. However, recently in a public announcement, Google did mention that it is trying its best to launch a new anti-spam feature to regulate its search engine. There are various speculations that the new core update of July 2021 may have some noteworthy anti-spam features and fast pace.

 Google loves updating its SEO algorithm and optimizing its search engine. Every business wants more traffic, enhanced web exposure, sales leads and increased conversions. Following Google, SEO tips can help you to increase search engine rankings. It can provide the desired visibility and enhance the user experience as well. 

Here are some Smart Google SEO Tips for 2021:

  • Interaction, engagement, and user experience: According to Google, one of the most important factors that impact a search engine ranking. Google machine learning system decides the flow of the search page results and how the pages should rank. It analyzes how a visitor reacts. For instance, if a user clicks on the search result and immediately bounces from the site then, you are probably to lose your site rankings. Using medium and long-tail keywords can help you to optimize your website and lead to good rankings. The dwell time is the time a visitor spends on your site. The higher the dwell time of the visitor, the greater your rankings. A dwell time of 3 minutes is considered good.
  • Overhaul first-page post: Google analytics can help you to know the posts that rank high. Navigating through Acquisition-Search Console-Queries can help you to determine and know the phrase with high average rankings. Make your content a better piece by adding some vital elements to it. You can add anything right from images, quotes, answers, statistics, examples etc. Use relevant keyphrases, location-related words, and SEO-friendly keywords. Make sure your content is original and up to the mark.
  • Utilize the potential of video: Video marketing is in vogue. It is attracting the masses and successfully gauging their attention. Contemporary marketers are utilizing this media to the fullest and exploring various creative avenues to attract an audience. Integrating a video with an SEO strategy can work wonders for your brand. It can provide it with the desired limelight and visibility on search engine pages. Updating the title and description of the video, optimizing the audio, video, and editing of the video as well as integrating with your brand promotions, can be lucrative.
  • Featured snippets: A recent research on Google SEO analysis states that 11% of search engine results consist of snippets. They are typically displayed after ads. A snippet is accompanied by an image or table. A featured snippet is a good idea to let your brand feature on the search engine page. The topic of a snippet must be clear, concise, and easy to scan. It must entice social engagement and have strong cross-device usability.
  • Comprehensive, authoritative, relevant, and high-quality content: Google Search results are dominated by the content. The content must be user-friendly, to the point, and provide relevant information to the user. It is important to draft SEO-friendly cohesive content which is easy to scan. Using appropriate keywords, phrases, headings, meta tags etc is a must. A search result must view your content as in-depth, authoritative, and original. Using LSI keywords and long-form content can help you to rank better.
  • Maximize user engagement: Engage with your users and establish a rapport with them. Updating existing posts, launching PPC campaigns, creating new content, web pages can build user engagement. Create content that is interactive and readable. Use short paragraphs, headings, bullet points, LSI keywords in your content. The web page must be easy to absorb, specific and attention-grabbing.
  • Voice Search optimization: voice search in the latest SEO news. Voice search technology is advanced and a new accessible way to enter a search query. Geo-targeted keywords can optimize your local searches and help you to reach your target audience in a location. Optimizing your voice search with custom FAQS can let your post rank high.
  • Mobile Indexing: Google does consider the mobile seo version of the website while analyzing it. To get a high search engine ranking, your website should be mobile-friendly and indexed efficiently. Switching over to a fully responsive site can increase your search engine rankings. 

Wrapping up!

Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour. Your website should be easy to navigate, user-friendly, and embedded with an advanced interface. Tracking your website to comprehend the behaviour of users, their interaction can be advantageous. 

Following the site guide map, updating the outdated SEO can help you to leverage the Google analytics to the fullest and get maximum return on your investments. Smart Google Tips and a constant check on your website speed can escalate your business ranking on Google Search Engine Result Pages.

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