Google Analytics 4: What Digital Marketers Need to Know

  • March 29, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 3 min read


Google recently released a new artificial intelligence (AI) powered Google Analytics 4, also known as GA4. GA4 was released on 14 October 2020 and is built on the Beta release of App + Web Property launched by Google in July 2019.

Digital Marketers globally rely on all the insights they can get for tracking success and controlling optimized ROIs for their marketing budgets. The insights obtained fromGA4 are more critical than ever. Google Analytics 4 is labelled as the analytical tool offering optimized and better insights while being privacy-centric to meet the upcoming changes to restrictions on cookies or other identifiers.

Digital Marketing Companies In Mumbai are trying and incorporating this new update in the digital marketing packages offered by them.

What Digital Marketers Need To Know

GA4 is going to become the default option of tracking with any new website set up. Although universal analytics will continue running, Google has recommended GA4 to run side by side. Google is also planning on developing new features for GA4 and offering digital marketers many benefits.

1.Optimised Predictions

Although Google Analytics already offers an AI option, the new machine learning insights capabilities have improved, alerting marketers to sales trends and predicting several outcomes like Lifetime Value estimates for customer segments.


  1. Customer Journey Process Indications:

The new GA4 is customer-centric and organizes itself around the customer lifecycle, offering tools that analyze customer journey on a deeper level. It can measure entire customer journeys on all devices and channels and not just individual page metrics. The primary purpose of this is to help marketers understand the way customers interact with businesses and whether or not they remain loyal after conversions. Almost everything is GA4 is “event-centric” and the “Life Cycle Report” depicts a visual picture of the customer journey, which was previously only available on Analytics 360.

3.GA4 Is Future Prepared

Ga4 is too privacy-centric and works without storing cookies or data for personal identification. It uses machine learning for mixing data types and filling data gaps without the storage of a user ID. This combination offers a clear picture, providing long term reliability and dressing privacy concerns.

  1. Faster & Improved Tracking:

Since GA4 expands, the data with codeless event tracking digital marketers can measure on-site or in-app actions in real-time. This is unlike universal analytics that required processing which made detailed data fully available until the next day.

5.Improvements Provided For Google Ads

GA4 is expected to offer better insights for Google Ads, providing better tracking processes across websites, apps and other platforms. This allows marketers to exclude or retarget based on various actions across several channels.


  1. Offers Greater Control

GA4 will provide digital marketers with greater control over altering their results and adequate tune tracking without editing on-site code. Marketers will have a clearer picture of user events via cross-domain search. This will give a much clear and detailed picture of the customer journey.

 The new version of Google Analytics, although exciting, is not unique and out of the box solutions, especially for e-commerce. Digital Marketing packages, including the GA4 tool, must have a detailed migration plan for migrating to the tool, which accounts for everything you want to measure.





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