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Who Are Google Ads Consultants? And What Do They Do?

Google Ads Experts are digital marketing professionals, specializing in the creation, planning and development of ads that are displayed on the Google Network.

Their daily workings involve the creation of Google Ads campaigns, participating in the auction process, monitoring and reporting your Google Ads campaign developments to you and focusing on how you can thoroughly optimize the Google Network Platform.

Our dynamic team of Google Ads experts helps your business reach new heights by adopting a digital marketing strategy that optimizes Google Ads to the fullest.

When you invest in Google Ads as your PPC strategy, your products/services are displayed in the form of ads over the Google search engine and Google-Partnered Website. Google Ads can do wonders for your business. The Google network is the best PPC platform you can invest in for promoting your products and services.

The Google Ads platform allows you to connect with a wider range of audiences, resulting in optimized brand visibility, CTRs and ROIs.

Our Google Ads experts become your guide in your Google Ads journey, assisting you at every step. From account setup, budget planning, campaign curation, to constant monitoring & reporting, our PPC experts want the best for you and aim at boosting your conversion rates and increasing brand visibility and ROIs.

Why Invest In Our Google Ads Experts?

When you work with GBIM Technologies’s highly-skilled team of Google Ads experts,
Your Google Ads Campaigns are:




Keyword Optimised


GBIM Technologies is proud to be a Google Partner Agency, and our Google Ads Expert team is thoroughly professional, skilled and focussed only on the curation, development and implementation of Google ADS.
We have been in the digital marketing world for the past 18+ years, and have been working on Google Ads strategies since the time of its inception.

Our PPC experts work with you for creating a google ads strategy that aligns perfectly with your SEO strategies, aiming for an overall, optimized and well-balanced digital marketing campaign. We help you decide on your Google Ads campaign budget, goals, campaign type, bidding type, etc. And are at your service 24/7.

Our Google Ads Experts start with creating a map of your Google Ads campaign, mapping out important aspects like Budget, Goals, Ideal Audience, Campaign Type, Target Keywords, etc.

Campaign mapping begins the process of planning and designing your ad campaigns followed by the bidding process. Our Google Ads experts help you lock-in the desired bidding type for the keyword bidding process.

After the implementation process, comes our consistent & continuous method of campaign monitoring, drafting performance reports and monitoring the impact of your google ads campaign, and making required changes if needed.

From campaign development to conversion cost management, bidding cost management, our Google ads expert team draws a customized plan as per your business requirements, producing quantifiable results.

Our Google Ads Management Process

Our Google ads expert team follows a systematic & structured approach for the management and creation of your Google Ads campaign. You do not have to worry about your ad campaigns when you select us as your Google Ads Agency.

Our Google Ads Experts:

  • Set Up Your Google Ads Account & Optimising It 

    Our Google Ads team assists you in setting up your Google Ads account and manage it aligning with your campaign requirements and goals. A well-boosted AdWords account needs thorough technical knowledge.

    Our ad experts breakdown your Google AdWords account into distinctive campaign types aiming to manage and monitor each campaign performance in a systematic manner, reaching your ideal target audience and increasing your CTRs

  • Set Clear & Achievable Campaign Goals 

    It is crucial to draw out clear and defined goals for all your campaigns, defining your ideal audience type for every campaign and setting quantifiable ways to measure campaign results.

    At GBIM Technologies, our qualified group of google ads experts assist you in setting your campaign goals, selecting ideal audience and setting measurable ways to track campaign performance. We are transparent, ethical and honest in our workings and communication with our clients.

  • Consistent & Detailed Campaign Performance Monitoring & Reporting

    Analyzing the impact of your campaign is another significant aspect managed efficiently by our google ads experts team

    Post campaign implementation, it is important to know the type of impact the said campaign has. Whether or not it is liked by your set ideal audience if it manages to achieve the desired goals and outcomes.

    For ensuring that you reach all your campaign goals, we offer mid-campaign performance reporting services, where our google ads experts team studies and analyses your campaign impact when it is in its beginning phase. By doing so we come to know whether or not your campaign is liked by the audience, its strengths & weakness, the necessary changes needed to be done

    We then alter your campaigns if needed and study it again post-implementation for following the same process. We test out dozens of ads via our ad testing methods for ensuring the implementation of business-specific keywords for churning out the most well-suited google ads campaigns for your business.

  • Continuous Campaign Optimisation

    Campaign optimization is a continuous and long term process and involves our ad experts regularly optimizing your ads, negative keywords, bidding adjustments, landing pages, etc.

  • Campaign Audits

    We strive to offer all our clients personalized and customizable services. We aim at optimizing your existing Google Campaigns and helping you reach your desired goals.

    Our PPC experts not only help you in the complete set up of your Google ads account but also assist you in optimizing your existing Google ads campaign via an analytical campaign audit for improving your existing campaign results.

    Via campaign audits, we can identify your existing ad campaign’s strengths and weaknesses and optimize it to the fullest.
    We study your existing campaigns and help you make them better for a wider audience reach and an improved performance.

  • A Dedicated & Responsible Google Ads Expert

    Every client of ours gets a dedicated Google ad, expert manager, helping their Google ads campaign. Your Google ads expert manager will be your point of contact from the beginning, communicating with you all your campaign progress and outcomes, keeping you in the loop

    Further, your campaign requirements, goals, budgets, and other important campaigns related information will be communicated to only your campaign manager. This client-campaign manager collaboration strengthens the communication process between two parties when working on Google Ads. You and your campaign manager work together as a team for creating Google Ads campaigns well suited for your business. This teamwork is the key to campaign optimization.

    Our Google Ads consultants have the same goals as you: Creating Impactful Google Ads campaigns, targeting your ideal audience, boosting conversions and producing high ROIs.

Our Google Ads Expertise

Our Dynamic Team Of PPC Experts Offer A Wide Variety Of Services For Churning Out The Perfect Google Ads Campaigns For Your Business

Search Campaigns

Retargeting & Remarketing

Mobile Campaigns

Display Campaigns

Video Campaigns

General Client Questions

How Google Ads Experts Help In Your Business Growth?

Our dynamic team of Google Ads Experts works with you as one team, helping your business reach new levels through Google Adwords.

Our Google Ads Consultants guide you from the beginning of your Google Adwords campaigns, from planning, developing to implementation and monitoring campaign performance, no stage is completed without your inputs, feedback and suggestions.

We help you stick to your budget and avoid overspending by focusing on improving your campaign’s quality, thereby making you pay less for ad clicks.

Our Google Ads campaigns align seamlessly with your SEO campaigns increasing customer appeal when they engage with your brand across multiple channels.

Being A Google Ads Certified Agency, our consultant provides you with the best Google Ads campaigns that are performance-driven, monitored continuously & generate innumerable clicks.

What To Expect From A Google Adwords Experts Agency?
Who Are Google Ads Experts?

Google Ads Experts Consultants manage Google Ads Advertising Campaigns. This includes the strategy, analysis, SEO, Design, Implementation and Performance Of Ad Campaigns. It is a tough job as it requires a unique set of Google Ads Skills.

What Are The Qualities Of A Google Ads Expert?
  • Passionate & Creative
  • Updated With The Latest Google Ads Trends
  • Creative
  • Professional
  • Google Certified
How Much Do Google Ads Experts Charge?
You can invest in either an in-house Google Ads Expert whose charges can be determined by you Or in a Google Ads Agency, consisting of a team of high-skilled Google Ads consultants. If you opt for the latter option, remember Google agency charges vary from agency to agency.
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