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Google Ads forms a prominent chunk of PPC Advertising campaigns and is an important channel to tap. Around 3.5 billion people use Google on a daily basis, either Googling for information, products/services or to visit Google Partnered websites. Investing in Google Ads as your PPC strategies opens up new avenues, making your brand/business visible to an ocean of online users!

When you select advertising on the Google Network, your products/services are displayed in the form of ads on Google Search Engine and Google Partnered Websites. This means over the search, display, youtube, etc. making a plethora of potential customers visit your website daily

A Google Adwords Agency helps you perfect your Google Ads strategies and optimise your Google Ads potential to the fullest.

GBIM Technologies, one of the best PPC Agencies in India is a specialised Google Adwords Agency helping you tap your Google Adwords potential. We will help you make your business/brand visible to billions of Google users resulting in optimised brand awareness, positive & high ROIs and a powerful brand value.

Unleash The Power Of Google Ads With GBIM Technologies

At GBIM Technologies, we help businesses become powerful and impactful brands that rule the Google Network. Our clientele includes big names like Reliance, Rustomjee, Della Adventures and many more

We focus on overall Digital Business optimisation that includes

Perfecting your Google Ads strategies

Syncing them with your SEO strategies

website makeover and development for boosting conversion rates

Seamless Digital Business Transition and much more

About Our Google Adwords Services

Why Choose Gbim Technologies As Your Google Ads Agency?

Google Partner Agency

We are proud to be known as a Google Partner Google Adwords Agency and take this responsibility seriously.

Being a Google Partner Agency gives us an edge over other PPC agencies.

We are updated with the recent Google trends and information and know more than just standard Google Ad terms. Your Google Ads campaigns are centred around the recent Google trends and are regularly updated as per Google’s updates and metrics. Our dynamic Google Ads expert team is highly trained with Google Ads and promises to deliver performance-driven google results, ticking every google campaign goal of yours.

Being a Google partner agency, we create quick, keywords oriented, result-oriented, highly optimised Google Ads Campaigns that help your brand/business form a strong Google Presence.

Hunts Down Your Ideal Audience

As a Google PPC agency, we understand the urgency to find your ideal audience, enticing them to click on your Ads and visit your websites. Our Google Ads Expert team considers there are urgent issues and hunts down your ideal audience across the Google network. We display your business/brand in front of an active buyers group constantly searching for highly resourceful and profitable products and services.

We generate an ideal audience business-specific leads for your brand/business, and create Google campaigns that guarantee to generate high leads and sales on the Google network. We generate an ideal audience business-specific leads for your brand/business, and create Google campaigns that guarantee to generate high leads and sales on the Google network. Our Google Adwords campaigns are profit focussed and aim at generating more revenue than your overall google ads budget.

We can handle and manage every aspect of your Google ads campaign professionally and responsibly, making us a unique google AdWords agency

ROI Focussed

GBIM Technologies focus on generating high revenues and overall business optimisation, not just ad clicks and mere traffic, making it a distinct Google Adwords agency. Unlike other agencies promising you millions of ad clicks every day, we promise you profitable and optimised Google Ads campaigns that are ROI focussed.

We use real-time data to optimise your Google Ads campaigns and ensure that your potential customers are clicking on your ads and generating revenue.

Integrated Work Approach

We are a PPC Agency that works together as a team. We are a client-friendly agency that works with our clients as a team, and as an integrated team internally within our agency as well.

We are a Google Adwords agency that focussed not only on creating valuable google ads but also highly attractive landing pages. Our web developer team, graphic & design team, content team, google ads team, work in unison to produce highly-optimised unique business-specific Google Ads campaigns for every client.

Our integrated work approach makes us stand out from the other PPC Agencies in Mumbai.

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Bespoke Google Ads Services

We offer a plethora of Google Ads services at affordable prices, helping your business/brand ace the Google Network.

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Overall Business Optimisation

When you invest in GBIM Technologies as your Google Adwords agency, you receive overall business optimization services.
We are a PPC agency focusing not only on the curation of Google Ads campaign but on an overall profitable and revenue-generating Business optimization. When we say business optimization, we mean designing a strong digital presence for your business, creating a positive impact on your google campaigns. Everything is interconnected and interlinked in the digital marketing world, nobody understands this better than us
An overall digitally optimized business results in a positive online brand value in turn leading to successful google ads campaigns.


What To Expect From A Google Ads Agency?

What Is A Google Ads Agency?

A Google Ads Agency specialises in planning, developing and implementing Google Ads
Campaigns across Google Partnered Website, social media sites, apps & Google Search engine.
They not only design ads for the client but also track, monitor and review ad campaigns;
manage Google PPC online budgets and help them optimize their Google PPC online campaigns
to the fullest.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Perfect Google Adwords Agency?

A Perfect Google Adwords Agency :
1. Has An Excellent Team Of Google Ads Experts
2. Provides Guaranteed Results
3. Excellent Track Record
4. Continuous Campaign Monitoring Reporting & Analysis

How Much Do Google Ads Agencies Charge?

The charges of Google Ads Agency differ from agency to agency. You are charged depending
upon your Google Ads Goals, Budget, Requirements ,etc.

What Are The Services Provided By A Google Ads Agency?

A Google Ads Agency Provides The Following Services:
● Customised Google Ads Campaigns
● Google Analytics Integration
● Leads/Calls Tracking
● ROI Tracking
● Performance Management & Analysis

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