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YouTube Ads Services

Youtube is the second most popular website in the world. In fact, did you know that Youtube is a search engine itself. Nearly 300 hours of new video content is uploaded on Youtube every single minute. Almost 30 million people visit Youtube every day. Thats an immense opportunity to bring your brand message in front of global audiences that matter.

Marketing on Youtube means displaying your video ads before or after (and sometimes in the middle of) YouTube videos. Remember, YouTube is a search engine, too. The right keywords will place your video ad in front of a video, disrupting the user’s behavior just enough to grab their attention. Marketing on Youtube requires a lot of preparation and the digital marketers at Youtube guide our clients every step of the way.

Understanding audiences, verbalising the business goal from a Youtube campaign and deciding the budget of the campaign is the starting point. GBIM then helps create wonderful cutting edge videos which can grab eyeballs for your brands. However, the real value add happens when our team helps decide which kind of ad to be placed. Whether it will be just the video ad or Video cum search ad, when should the video ad be placed. Each of these factors is very important and can make or break your Youtube campaign. The GBIM team is seasoned in creating high ROI generating Youtube campaigns with video ads which have gone viral too.

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Great team, very honest and very dedicated to get things done. They are a great agency to work with and absolutely recommended.

Ravi Kikone

ZingHR | Head Of Marketing & Growth


We have used GBIM services for over 2 years and have seen steady increase in website traffic and leads. GBIM staff and management are very quick in responding to issues. They are one of the top Digital marketing agency in Mumbai. Will certainly recommend their services to everyone.

Jay Iyer

Kohinoor International Management Institute | Sales


Nirlep Patel is a sincere business owner and provides good solutions for AdWords and Facebook ads. We are very happy with the leads generation from his efforts.

Smita Vijaykumar Contractor

reNNovate Interiors | Director


Excellent services..quick response and resolution .. special mention to nirlep ji who is always there to help n give excellent ideas.

Ajay Sachde

Sachde Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. | Managing Director


Working with them its a grt company .. help us with good brand building as wel as SEO. Hard-working and helpful. If you are searching for a good company with SEO experts , Social media marketing as well as brand building. Go with them. Best in their feild. Well deserved 5 star.

Sagar Shah | Team Member

General Questions by Clients

Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

How do YouTube ads work?

YouTube Ads work by placing your video ads in front of over 2 billion active visitors every month. The biggest advantage is that there’s no distraction like posting messages or chatting on YouTube. All users are serious about watching content. It means they are at their receptive best. YouTube Ads give you full control of targeting whom to display your ads. The targeting tools are incisive and allow for targeting based on a user’s search history, specific channels and creators, and other parameters. Like other online advertising platforms, YouTube also allows goal-based campaigns like Brand Awareness, Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, etc. Then comes the stage to choose the kind of ad you would like to run. Whether skippable In-Stream ad, Non-skippable In-Stream ad, Bumper ads, Video Discovery Ads, etc. You can get a detail of each ad type on Google. Lastly, you bid for your ad placement. YouTube ads are stalwart due to the extremely sharp targeting options offered. You can make YouTube Ads work for you with the help of an expert Digital Marketing Agency.

Which is better, influencer marketing or YouTube ads?

Both of them are equally powerful and offer their unique advantages. In Influencer Marketing, a video or other content generate and published by an influencer. YouTube ads, on the other hand, are ads specifically created to display on YouTube. People seek out Influencer content actively, and hence any brand promotion associated with it also has a longer recall. Similarly, YouTube ads run for a specific time, and then they are not visible unless a user actively searches it online. The biggest drawback of Influencer Marketing is finding the right Influencer who connects with your same audience. YouTube can give you laser-like accuracy in reaching out to the audience that you are looking out for. YouTube Ads can be shown in a variety of formats that means the message can be conveyed more efficiently rather than wait for the embedded message in the Influencer video. So irrespective of whether your business is doing Influencer Marketing, YouTube ads should be a part of your advertising campaign.

What are the best targeting strategies for YouTube ads?

There are six powerful targeting strategies available for YouTube Ads. They are 1) Search-Based Targeting, where your ads will be displayed based on a user’s YouTube search history. 2) Second is Competitor Channel-based, where your ads are displayed on your business competitor’s channels. 3) The third is Trueview In-Stream Ads, which Google displays your ads before, during, or after the video a viewer wants to watch. Customer Match approach targets customers whose email addresses you already have. The Demographics approach helps you define your audience based on several parameters like age, gender, geography, marital status, income, and more. In the last, Interests approach is where you can use values, lifestyles, hobbies, and interests to target users. The best targeting strategy considers your business goal, your budget, the available time frame, and then chooses an approach.


What to expect from an YouTube agency

How do I advertise on Youtube?

Create effective video ads and ensure that they reach the right audience. A lot of things go into a Youtube ads campaign, so ensure that you get a competent and efficient digital marketing agency that understands your business and allows you to advertise with an ROI.

Is Youtube advertising effective?

Advertising in moving pictures have always been effective. For this same reason, TV ads have been the most effective form of media advertising. According to Google, people who watch YouTube ads to completion are 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to a brand channel, share a brand video, or watch more videos by the brand.

How much does it cost to advertise on Youtube?

Youtube charges advertisers on a cost-per-view model. It means that you will be charged only when a prospect watches your video ad or clicks on a banner ad. According to Google, if the campaign is planned properly, it can go down to as low as INR 5-10 per view or per click.