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Google Ads Remarketing is a game changer for online advertisers. It is a technique offered by Google which allows you to display your ads in front of those customers who have previously interacted with your mobile application or your website.

Google Remarketing boasts of a higher conversion ratio as it keeps your past visitors connected with your brand even after they have left your website or application. Google Remarketing works as a nudge to your site visitors to come back and continue browsing or finish an incomplete purchase or transaction.

Google Remarketing ads are displayed across the Google Display Network that means no matter which platform your user visits after your website, he is bound to be served your ad. This makes for a compelling case for your business.

You can choose to serve ads to people who do follow-up searches on Google after leaving your website. Or display ads to those who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel. Lastly, you can reach out with an exact match by uploading the contact information of your customers. Ads are served to these people when they are signed into Google.

GBIM helps you make the most of this tool by helping you craft creative ads and deploy it using the tag/pixel technology.

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
Is it possible to target remarketing ads to visitors of competitor sites or interest group sites?
By definition, Google Remarketing ads are targeted to visitors who have visited your websites earlier. However, Google Remarketing allows you to display remarketing ads to visitors to competitor’s sites. It enables you to present your product/ service when they are considering your competitor. It needs an in-depth understanding of Remarketing audiences, and the GBIM team has it, including Custom Affinity Audience. Affinity Audiences mean audiences similar too. In this case, it will be audiences that are similar to those who have visited your competitor’s websites. You can create a list of all your competitor websites and ask Google to display Remarketing ads to all people visiting those sites. It promises to enhance your marketing efforts at several levels.
Targetting Remarketing Ads
Remarketing Ads On Website
Should I allow remarketing ads on my website?
You can get to display ads on your website when you enlist as a partner site in the Google Display Network. As a part of the network, you allow Google to promote ads on your website, depending on keywords and product categories. The advantage is Google shares a part of the revenue with you whenever an ad is displayed, or a customer clicks on the ads. However, there is also a possibility that your competitor’s ad might show on your website. So you have to make an informed decision about displaying Remarketing ads on your website.
How much audience is required to start Google remarketing ads?
Remarketing lists targeting the Google Display Network must have a minimum of 100 active visitors or users within the last 30 days for your ads to show; lists targeting Google search must have a minimum of 1,000 active visitors or users. List targeting Gmail ads must have a minimum of 100 active users or visitors. Based on the number of visitors able to be reached on each network, the list sizes may vary. These minimum numbers allow Google algorithms to target better and provide you a better ROI on your marketing spend.
Google Remarketing Ads Audience targetting
Remarketing For Social Media
Can we use Remarketing for social media Platform?
You can use Remarketing ads on Facebook. But for that, you will have to use Facebook’s dedicated Remarketing tool called the Pixel. Using Google Remarketing, you can remarket to YouTube. YouTube is one of the most powerful media platforms today and sees more than 2 billion active monthly users. Google Search or Display ads when combined with Google Remarketing for YouTube, you generate a very powerful funnel for your prospective leads. Imagine a user interacting with your website or ads and then goes on to discover a smartly made 30-second product video. It increases the impact manifold.
What to expect from an Re-Marketing agency
How does Google Remarketing work?
Google Remarketing or Retargeting campaigns work by displaying your ads to people who have already visited your website or your app and have not gone ahead with the desired action. Google intelligently tracks these users and presents your ads at the right moment.
What are the benefits of Google Marketing?
Google Remarketing is a potent tool as it has a very high conversion rate. It can increase brand awareness in your target audience, provide you a very high ROI on your marketing campaigns, and reduce wasteful marketing expenditure as it has a very sharp targeting of your relevant audiences.
How much does it cost to run a Google Remarketing campaign?
Google Remarketing campaigns are charged on a cost-per-click basis. So you pay, only when a customer clicks on your ad. It is much more efficient than a regular Google ads campaign and costs a fraction of a normal PPC campaign. Your marketing agency can help you conceptualize and execute a Remarketing Campaign in line with your marketing budgets.
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