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    Google Ads Services

    We Create 100% Successful Clickworthy Google Ads.

    Powerful and Impactful Google Campaigns can do wonders for your PPC campaigns. They provide you with the exact results you are looking for: Increased Brand Awareness, Potential Customers & Profits!

    Let’s have a look at the important elements for a successful Google ads campaign:

    1. Catchy & Creative Headlines
    2. Powerful CTAs
    3. Informative Ad Extensions
    4. Attractive Landing Pages
    5. Mobile-Friendliness
    6. On-Point Google Ads Keywords

    With GBIM Technologies designing your Google Ads campaign, you never have to worry about having powerful and impactful google campaigns as we create high-quality, correct keyword-studded and budget-friendly Google Ads campaigns.

    All our Google Ads campaigns tick all the important elements mentioned in the above list.

    Our dynamic team of Google Ads experts create Google Campaigns that are:

    1. Mobile-Friendly
    2. Bid On & Use Keywords That Resonate Best With The Products/Services You Sell
    3. Build Visually Appealing & Informative Landing Pages, Forcing Customers To Perform A Valuable Action Such As Product Purchase, Subscription Fill-Up, etc.
    4. Use As Many As Ad Extension As Possible Informing Customers About Every Important Aspect Of Your Business
    5. Catchy, Creative, Detailed Yet Crisp Headlines, Enticing Online Users To Read Them & Know More About Your Ad Campaign
    6. Our Google Ads Campaigns Run Smoothly On Every Interface, Be It Mobile, Desktop.

    We Specialise In Creating Mobile-Friendly Performance Driven Google Ads Campaigns, Providing Guaranteed Results.

    Our Key Focus Areas:

    1. We Optimise Your Google Ad Campaign ROIs
    2. We Offer Real-Time Campaign Monitoring & Reporting
    3. Our Dynamic Team Of Google Ads Experts Performs Regular Campaign Ads Implement & Split Testing (A/B) For Curating Google Ads Best Suited For Your Business
    4. We Follow A Data-Driven & 100% Transparent Google Ads Campaign Approach, Attracting Innumerable Ad Clicks From Your Target Audience.
    5. We Focus On Fully Optimising Your Google Adwords Account & Providing Authentic Performance-Driven Results
    6. Our Unique Keyword Research & Management Process, Ensures That Your Google Ad Campaigns Contain Keywords Specific To Your Business & Industry Type, Acing Google Ads Keyword Bidding Process
    7. We Strive To Generate The Best Ad Rank For Your Ads Via Our Unique And Powerful System Of Tracking And Monitoring Keyword Performance, Website Optimisation, Landing Page Optimisation, Ad Quality Score & Bids.
    8. We Provide A Plethora Of Optimisation Services Such As Website Development & Design (UI & UX), Mobile App Development & Design Which Play An Important Role In Your Overall Online Presence. It Is Not Only About Generating Ad Clicks But Also About Making Customers Stay On Your Website And Perform A Valuable Action Such As Ad Purchase, Sign Up, Etc. This Defines A Path-Breaking Google Campaign

    We are a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency providing almost every digital service under one roof. What makes us different from other Digital Marketing Agencies is that we look at the unnoticeable elements impacting a business’s Google Ads Campaign.

    As mentioned earlier we not only focus on creating high-quality Google Ad Campaigns, but also on other website aspects such as creating a high-quality landing page, website, inputting the correct keywords on the same, and other practices, having a positive impact on the overall website business.

    Our aim is not only to increase Ad clicks but to receive an actual action. We focus on reducing a website’s bounce rates by offering complete website optimisation services like website development & designing, app development & designing, etc.

    You only receive high conversion rates when a website is highly optimised and throws out high-quality google ad campaigns.

     Real business growth occurs when:

    1. You have a high-quality & full optimised website
    2. Offer High-Quality Products/Services.
    3. Impactful Paid Media Strategies

    Let GBIM Technologies be your one-stop destination for not only your Google Ad Campaigns but for the overall growth & development of your websites.>

    Why Choose Us As Your Google Adwords Campaign Agency?

    1. We Help You Create & Optimise Your Google Adwords Account. Confused While Using Google Adwords? We Help You At Every Step Ensuring All Campaign Related Processes From Creating an Account To Creating Your Google Ads Campaign, Budget Allocation & Management Takes Place In A Safe And Organised Manner.
    2. Our Experienced Google Adwords Team Includes Experienced Copywriters, Ad Designers, PPC Marketers Aiming To Create Powerful And Thoughtful Google Ads Campaign
    3. We Ensure Your Google Adwords Account Remains Safe And Secure And Use Your Personal Information & Google Ads Credentials For Analysing Your Google Ads Accounts & Campaigns
    4. We Are Ethical, Honest & Transparent, Never Sharing Your Google Ads Data, Keeping It Confidential & Safe. You Need Not Worry About Data Breaches With GBIM Technologies As Your Google Ads Campaign Agency.

    General Client Questions:

    1. Can I Do My Own Google Ads Campaign?

    Yes, you can create Google Ads Campaigns on your own. Creating a Google Ads Campaign is easy and can be done by almost anyone. However, getting the details correct is a tough one. This is when We come into the picture. We not only plan & design Google Ads Campaigns but also monitor your Campaigns.

    We provide real-time data and detailed result reports and also alter ongoing ad campaigns if they do not provide desired results.

    2. How Will GBIM Help Me Optimise My Google Adwords Campaign?

    We set up your Google Ads Account, and link our Google Ad campaigns to your Google Analytics account for data-driven and performance-oriented results and campaign monitoring.

    Our Full-Proof Google Adwords Campaign Optimisation System includes:

    1. Analysing & Managing Your Bounce Rates. We focus on the bounce rate causes and provide immediate bounce rates reducing solutions.
    2. Device Analysis Of Your Target Audience. We conduct a detailed investigation on the kind of devices your target audience prefers using while performing online activities, centring your Google Adwords Campaign around the said device. This practice makes your AdWords campaign device friendly & attracting your target audience, even more, increasing ad clicks, thereby improving campaign performance.
    3. We Specialise in all kinds of Google Adwords Campaigns, be it text ads, Display or Search Advertising, Remarketing Campaigns or A mix of one or the other said campaigns as per your business goals and needs.
    4. We focus on integrating your Google Adwords Campaigns With Google My Business which allows your physical location to appear as a part of your ad. This practice makes your ad detailed and provides customers with an added way of reaching you.
    5. All our Google Ad Campaigns are personalised as per your business and target audience. It means that we choose the geographical locations where your ads will display, the time your ads are displayed at, what time of the day receives high conversions, etc. It makes your campaign extremely audience-specific, increasing its ad clicks and reach.


    1.Experience That Matters

    Having An Experience Of 16+ Years In The Digital Marketing Industry, We Are Experts At Everything Digital

    2.Leadership Vision

    The CEOs Of Our Company Are Google Ads Campaign Expert & Work Closely With All Our Clients For Designing High-Quality Campaigns.

    3.In-House Expertise

    Our Dynamic Google Ads Experts Team Are Available At Your Beck And Call 24/7

    4.Ethical Google Ads Agency

    We Are Proud To Be A Certified Google Ads Agency Focussed On Designing Budget-Friendly & Client Appeasing Google Ads Campaign


    What To Expect From A Google Ads Campaign Agency?

    1.What Is A Google Ads Campaign Agency?

    A Google Ads Campaign agency helps you curate Google Ads Campaigns For Your Business aiming the promotion og your business over the Google Network. Google Ads Campaign Agencies not on create and design Google Ads Campaigns but take full responsibility of various other Google Ads Campaign related aspects such as:

    1. Managing, Optimishing and Developing Your Campaigns
    2. Using the best features and strategies tatgetting to reach all your digital marketing goals via Google Ads campaigns
    3. Managing Your Google Ads Campaign Budget.

    2. Why Hire An Agency For Creating Google Ads Campaigns?

    You need to hire a Google Adwords Agency for the following reasons:

    • Professional & Well-Managed Google Ads Campaigns
    • Updated With The Latest Google Trends
    • Optimised To The Fullest
    • Multi-Disciplined Nature Of Agencies

    3. What Are The Features Of A Perfect Google Ads Campign?

    • Target Ideal Audience
    • High Quality Scores
    • Highly Clickable
    • Clear CTAs
    • Catchy Headlines
    • Well-Structured

    4. When Can I See The Results Of My Google Ads Campaigns?

    You Google Ads Campaigns results depends upon your Goals, business requirements and ideal audience target. The results vary for evey business.

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    Why Prefer GBIM As Your Buddy


    Experience that matters
    Digital service providers since 2005


    In-house expertise
    All digital expertise under one roof.


    Leadership vision
    Our CEOs are Digital Marketing experts themselves


    Open working style
    100% transparent transactions and genuine suggestions,


    Results that speak
    More than 100 result-driven success stories

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    General Questions by Clients

    Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!

    How do you ensure that my Google campaign stands out from the competition?

    ‘Keywords’ are the essence of any highly successful paid advertisement on Google. Your ads will be triggered in front of the right audience only when they are associated with the right keywords. GBIM has perfected a proprietary system of researching and arriving at the most appropriate keywords giving an edge to your campaigns. Due to our in-depth understanding of Google’s algorithms, we also know the best bidding strategies that assure that you get the best keywords and hence a successful campaign.

    How to choose whether to go for Search, Youtube, Display, or ReMarketing?

    Each of the search methods in the Google Search Network is useful for a different stage in the sales cycle. Search is beneficial if you wish your business to found on Google search engine result pages. YouTube serves video ads that are more powerful because of the audio-video message. Display network ads can be used right at the top of the funnel as an awareness tool. Lastly, ReMarketing is a powerful tool when customers have interacted with your app/website but have not converted. These ads act as a reminder to users to go back and finish the transaction.

    Should I advertise on Google or Social Media?

    Both Google and Social Media complement each other, so advertising on both is an absolute must. Google Search and Social Media may form different entry points for your customer in your sales funnel. For example, a person may enter the funnel through a google search, while others may start their interaction by clicking on a video ad during a YouTube video. A perfect media plan will have an intelligent mix of both. The GBIM team can help create a perfect online advertising mix using the best of both.



    What to expect from an Google Ads agency

    Is there an alternative to Marketing on Google?

    There are other search networks like Yahoo and Bing. However, even when put together, both have approximately 25% of the market share. While Google alone owns 75% of the search engine market. So the answer is no, you cannot skip advertising on Google search network.

    How much does it cost to run a paid campaign on Google?

    It depends on factors like the duration of the campaign, the type of campaign, the width of the target audience, the intensity of the ads, and the desired geographical reach. The GBIM team can help you to craft a unique advertising strategy best suited to your budget.

    How long before I start seeing results on my campaign?

    It depends on the campaign goal and the type of campaign chosen. If all Google algorithm parameters are met, the ads begin to serve immediately. It may result in immediate reach, while campaigns aimed at a specific transaction may take time.

    Is organic marketing sufficient for my business?

    Organic marketing helps set the tone for your business. It helps your business get discovered over some time. However, Google Ads is more goal-oriented, like generating awareness, app downloads, sales conversions, etc. It can also be used to create awareness about your business in a short time. So the answer is that organic and paid marketing both go hand-in-hand.”