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Google Adwords PPC Packages & Pricing

Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC can be very tricky, and companies should invest in a Google Adwords or PPC company for planning and executing their paid media campaigns.

Companies or businesses fail to realise the drawbacks of doing their own PPC campaigns.

Let’s have a look at the few drawbacks businesses face when managing their own PPC Campaigns:

PPC Is Very Time Consuming

Business owners can’t divide time between their business operations and Pay Per Click Marketing for their business. Its own set of tasks like Keyword research, Creating Landing pages, Updating themselves with Google Algorithms and much more

PPC Is Not Easy

It is not easy to bring in traffic from Paid searches. You have to be an expert in the field to know various ways of enticing users to click on your Paid ads. If not handled well, PPC campaigns can earn less profit and spend more of your advertising budget

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an integral part of your paid marketing campaigns. Useful keyword analysis and research is the foundation of successful PPC. Companies doing their own PPC might find keyword research difficult and end up bidding for keywords that are not important or unrelated to their business, thereby producing unsuccessful Pay Per Click Campaigns.

PPC Needs Technical Expertise

PPC Management goes far beyond just creating campaigns and tracking results. To be successful at PPC, you must need technical expertise to maximise your advertising budget, identify and fix the problems that make your campaign fail, and various other technical expertise that only PPC experts have

What can GBIM offer?

GBIM offers PPC Packages that are easily affordable for all types of business

Our Google Adwords pricing depends on our client’s budget and varies from client to client. We charge monthly fees for clients that have a tight budget. The monthly fees depend upon the
client’s business type, Google Ads goals, requirements, and various other factors.

For the clients having a sizable budget, we charge 10% of your entire budget.

What Is Included In Our PPC Packages?

Our Google Ads team starts their work by setting up your Google Adwords Account, which includes:

Creating & Setting Up Your Google Ads account by a Google Adwords Expert

Creating Ad Extensions

Conducting Unlimited Keywords Research

Optimising Your Ongoing Google Ads Account

Drafting and Creating Your Google Ads Campaigns and Much more

What Google Adwords Targeting Options Do We Offer?

Search Engine Advertising

It involves placing online advertisements in the form of text or images over search engines like Google. The ads appear as a result of a search in the form of SERPs

Display Advertising

Display Ads is one of the most convenient ways of attracting website, social media or various other digital platform audiences by placing text, image or video-based advertisements on the said platforms that encourage the audience to click through to a landing page and perform a specific action (e.g. product purchase, subscription signup)

Mobile App Advertising

It refers to online advertising campaigns that are specially designed for mobile apps. Mobile Devices refer to Tablet, Smartphones or Wearable Devices. These ads can appear within apps, websites, or social media platforms that are viewed via mobile devices.

Youtube Advertising

In simple terms, youtube advertising refers to advertising video content on youtube or in search results to maximise your user reach. It is done only through Google Ads.


A unique way of connecting with people who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app, remarketing refers to a method of online advertising that reconnects your business to its older consumers based on their previous internet actions.

Product Listing Ads ( If Applicable)

PLA Ads are Google shopping ads. It is basically when companies list their products over the Google Shopping Platforms. PLA ads are nothing, but product-based ads, which, when clicked on, take the user directly to a website’s product page. What makes it different from your standard shopping ads is that Product Listing Ads are more detailed in nature that encourages users to click through your websites.

Why Invest In Our PPC Packages?

We refine the keywords in ads via our extensive keyword research process and conduct A/B split tests for selecting the best webpage that brings in more conversions and CTRs for your website.

After configuring and activating your Google Adwords account, targeting options, keyword bids, and campaigns, our team focuses on conversion rate optimisation strategies (CRO) for increasing your campaign reach and conversions. This includes Analysing your call-to-action (CTA) buttons, google page speed optimisation, conversion funnel optimisation, and website navigation analysis and modification.

In the next step, our AdWords team focuses on analysing and monitoring your Google Ads campaigns and account via analytics. We analyse your click-through rates and optimise your account continuously to ensure that your budget is not wasted on off-targeted keywords and irrelevant clicks. We aim at optimising your bid on each keyword phrase to make sure that your budget is targeted only on those keywords that ensure lead conversion on your website.

We always keep our clients well informed on their campaign progress, management and results. We do so by providing our clients with detailed weekly and monthly performance reports via emails. We also offer customer support via chats, emails, and phone calls.

Our PPC packages guarantee to increase to provide our clients with highly search targeted traffic, resulting in optimised website conversions

Contact us to know more in detail about our Google Ads Pricing.

General Client Questions

How Is My Google Ads Budget Decided?

Your Google Ads campaign budget depends on:

Business Specific Campaign-Goals


Additional Required Services

Targeted Google Ads Channels

Other Business Specific Requirements


What To Expect From A Google Adwords Pricing Agency?

What Is Google Adwords Pricing?

Google Adwords pricing refers to the way Google Charges you for your Google Ads. When you advertise with Google, you pay Google when an online user clicks on your ads. Click Here To Know More about How Google Adwords Pricing Works In 2021.

How Do I Know The Charges Of My Google Adwords Packages?

Google Adwords Agency charges vary agency-wise. It is advisable to look at the charges of multiple Google Ads agencies before selecting your Google Ads Agency. Always choose an agency fitting your budget.

How much does it cost to run a paid campaign on Google?

Google Ads Pricing depends on factors like the campaign’s duration, the type of campaign, the target audience’s width, the intensity of the ads, and the desired geographical reach. The GBIM team can help you to craft a unique advertising strategy best suited to your budget.

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