Goodbye Google Webmasters,Welcome Google Search Central.. New Name with New Feature?

In the previous post we spoke about the rechristening of Google Webmasters Search Central to Google Search Central.For the last 15 years, Google has constantly updated itself for serving better results to its users in terms of quality content, backlinks, mobile-friendliness, UI,UX,Page speed,etc. In honour of Google’s latest development lets have a look at its features :

  1. Perfromace:

A very important Search Console feature, you can check out your website’s accurate performance using this tool. It displays your website’s performance via a graph, where the graph lines go up or dwon depending upon factors such as:

  • The total Number of clicks per day
  • The total Number of impressions per day

You can also viw your websites average CTR & Average Position

Every small fluctuation depicts a good or bad change in Keyword performance, Market performance, Trends,etc. Google updates and analysis all the important factors and provides you with a single click data analysis performance report.

Now, you must be thinking how does this search console feature help your website SEO?

1.The performance report displays search traffic changes over time, the place it comes from, and which search queries will most likely display your site as a search result.

2.Get to know  which queries were made through smartphones for improving your mobile targeting.

3.Look at the highest and lowest click through rate pages from Google Search Results.

All these factors will help you understand your website’s performance over Google Search better and help you improve its performance having a positive impact on its SEO rankings.

2.  URL Inspection :

An important Google Search console feature, the URL inspection tool,


Indexing Feature:





Enhancement Featres:

1.Core Web Vitals

2.Mobile Visibility


4.Sitelinks Searchbox


Security & Manual Actions:

  • Manual Actions
  • Securtiy Actions


Legacy Tools & Reports:

1.International Targetting

2.Crawl Stats


4.URL Parameters 

5.Web Tools



1.Internal Links

  1. External Links


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