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    Types of Facebook & instagram Ads
    01 AwarenessThese ads are designed to raise brand awareness and reach large groups of people. They help promote knowledge about your product or service without any specific action or call-to-action.
    02 TrafficThese ads are meant to increase targeted website traffic. These campaigns can be used to drive visitors to your website and increase page views, giving you the opportunity to showcase more of your offerings.
    03 Engagement These ads are designed to generate interest and engagement with your brand. They focus on creating relationships with potential customers by engaging them in meaningful conversations and dialogues.
    04 Leads Lead ads are used to capture potential customers’ information and turn them into leads. This type of advertisement seeks to convert viewers into customers.
    05 App promotionThese ads are used to promote apps and bring attention to it. They can be used to acquire more downloads and users, while also helping to build brand recognition.
    06 Sales Sales ads are meant to directly sell products or services. They create a direct link between the brand and the customer and provide an easy way for customers to make purchases.

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