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    Emerging Trend Of Employee Advocacy In Social Media Marketing

    • August 16, 2023
    • Nirlep Patel
    • 5 min read

    Employee advocacy has been emerging as a buzzing trend complimenting businesses and gaining themselves a high market chart. The growing popularity of employee advocacy has led to an active asset, and the internet has created more significant opportunities. With the changes in the brands and business thinking, the employee advocacy approach has led to new possibilities. 

    Employee advocacy has been in the industry for decades and has flourished recently with a new approach fitting the employee right in the company. Diving in the employee advocacy company strategies the route of social media marketing gaining them higher chances of the customer capture and conversions.

    What is Employee Advocacy?

    Employee advocacy is a company’s initiative to involve its employees in promotion strategies. There are different ways an employee advocate can build their companys’ base:

    • Generating exposure and creation of brand awareness through social media.
    • Providing a positive outlook towards the company.
    • Promotes employee ownership building for the company.
    • Represents companys’ best interest and give in culture operation.
    • From recommending the companys’ best products and services to a peer and being a credible person to represent the company.

    Attractive Benefits of Employee Advocacy

    On the broader view, employee advocacy leads to much more significant benefits for both employees and companies. Leading to attractive perks with the social media marketing strategy, some are mentioned as follows:

    • Increase your company’s audience reach on social media
    • Improve the company culture and attract employees
    • Increase your company’s credit and attract businesses
    • Improves company’s reputation and leads to healthy communication

    Seven Steps to do the Trend Right

    Employee advocacy and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. Instead of bluffing your way through social media, making a systematic strategy and planning your way fits better in the path. Allowing to stay organised and gain success.

    There are seven steps that allow you to keep up with the trend right:

    • Aim and set your goals, manage checkpoints and accomplish them with a plan.
    • Explain to your employees the benefit of the employee advocacy
    • Train your employees, and add your belief to them
    • Choose the right employee advocates for your company’s representation
    • Make a curious announcement of Launch and gather the traction
    • Start with mild initiatives and gather employees to share
    • Maintain the right pace for employee advocacy and achieve small goals

    Emerging Trend of Employee Advocacy in Social Media Marketing

    When planned thoroughly and executed with the best social media marketing strategies, employee advocacy yields the most unexpected results with organic marketing. As a workplace, it enhances communication and connects the employees directly with the market, posing them as brand ambassadors.

    • Employees as Brand Ambassadors

    When building brand trust and creating awareness is a goal, employees are the most eligible people who can represent your brand. Ask why? As the audience believes testimonials and brands shared by the crowd that the brand itself. Your employees can represent your business and be the key toward growth. 

    However, employee advocacy is not just about your employees promoting a business on social media, but creating a meaningful network and sharing corporate messages by the social media marketing experts. Employees tend to showcase their work culture and their favourite products and services, allowing them to take over enough brand covers and promote the information.

    • Employee Generated Content Distribution

    As an internet user, you must yourself have been annoyed by all the irrelevant and spam content that pops up on your feed. Even if it’s the same with your staff, and the frustration must be everlasting unless they require some quality content with relevancy. And annoying content will never be shared by your employees.

    When you consider employee advocacy, the generated content must be relevant enough for employees to distribute further. Your employee advocacy initiative must be employee engaging and communicative content that makes them speak about it.

    • Hashtags and Engagement

    The custom hashtags and employee engagement tactics must be incorporated in the upcoming years. As the hashtags happen to circulate, it brings more success and traction that the brand posts itself. As well as the engagement with the posts raises as the sharing poses as a recommendation from people. 

    When posting about their work-life, the employees engage the audience with the company’s culture, products, and services. It brings more audience captures, gets more leads, and ends in the conversion of the customer. Also, the business and customer communication leads to trust and brand awareness, with benefits to the employees.

    • Algorithms of Social Media

    With a drastic addition of more personal accounts and small businesses, social media have altered their algorithms. The individual posts are pushed further to discover those brand posts with millions of brand bases. It has a benefit for the individuals; it has added to the loss of posting of brands. 

    Hence, employee advocacy can gain these brands with a million capture more, eliminating exposure. As well as improves the brand traction from the audience’s perspective. This also saves brands time to spend on creating specified content and focus more on engaging daily content. It is allowing them to have the upper hand with the recent algorithms. Your social media marketing personnel can consult better for the algorithm.

    • Internal Incentives and Rewards

    Trust has two sides; while the business gets valued because of the employees, there must be some benefit. After all, you don’t want your employee ruining your public relations plan right after building it for you. Or any worse that could affect your business.

    Employees advocacy must be a crucial part, and rewarding the employees for the same would be encouraging and healthier. The social media marketing strategy would be helpful here to give you a hand in setting KPIs and give checkpoint goals. Exciting monthly draw, vouchers, meals, and rewards with small prizes.

    • Training Employee Ambassadors

    Another plus incentive for your employee advocate can be the training in specific areas of social media where they inspire people the most and attract traction. In the coming years, we can expect a competitive atmosphere in employee advocacy with creative talents and an emerging variety of specific skills. The employee can gain the ability to handle podcasts, video creatives, blog posts, and much more. 

    With the companies providing employees with the best social media marketing training and the guidelines for every platform. It adds benefit to the company culture and makes the employee knowledgeable, and enhances their skills.

    Nirlep Patel
    I am an internet entrepreneur and also the Co-Founder of GBIM Technologies, India’s fastest growing internet marketing company. My forte lies in actively lending technical expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, SEM Google AdWords, SMM. Spanning about 14 years of focus on Digital Marketing, GBIM today has become one of the greatest digital marketing company. This could have been possible only because of the trust which our clients have on us, and the quality services we have delivered to them I have always believed that more is lost from indecision than wrong decisions and as a result, we have managed to create an environment where people are encouraged to challenge process and innovate. This culture has cultivated a highly motivated team with an open approach where anyone can share their thoughts and ideas freely.
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