In 2018, there were certain trends that ruled the world of eCommerce SEO (search engine optimization). Content was still the king, and mobile searches were the most popular form of looking for a new product or service to buy. Voice search grew significantly and linkless mentions were important as well. Online marketers were a lot wiser when it came to using guest posts. As it is, all across the year organizations specializing in SEO were busy getting better and finding new processes to optimize the search engine even better than what their competitors were doing. They were attempting to find out SEO strategies that would be better tailored to suit the needs of various industries. Now, let us take a look at the major possible SEO trends for 2019.

The importance of AI

Jana Granko, PR (public relations) head at SEMrush – one of the top marketing tools of the world – believe that in 2019 AI (artificial intelligence) would change the way people search for keywords. Private demographic data would come in a lot handier in 2019 as far as the ranking of keywords is concerned. It is expected that AI would be used a lot more in all spheres of life and this means that SEO specialists need to come to grips with it to a much greater extent in 2019.

Amazon Search and Voice Search will rule the roost

Kent Lewis, Founder, and President of Anvil, a performance-based firm based out of Portland, says that in 2019 voice search and Amazon search will become a lot more prominent than they were in 2018. He says that as per a Kenshoo study already 56 percent of people base their searches on products that are available on Amazon as opposed to Google. He feels that this is a major shift and one that cannot be ignored at any cost.

Code optimization and search intent will become a lot more important

Ray Cheselka, Google Ads and SEO Manager at webFEAT Complete, a design and SEO agency, says that in 2019 search intent will continue to become more important. At the same time, he also predicts that sites that take more than 2 seconds to open will face the music. He feels that we are already living in a futuristic age. According to him, keywords have already lost their importance and in 2019 this trend would only get stronger. He feels that instead the intent behind a keyword would become more important and he predicts voice search and mobile search to play a dominant role in the same.


It is also expected that in 2019 VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) would have their own place in organic search. The Blockchain is also expected to make professionals focus more on the technical aspects of SEO. In 2019 voice search is expected to make up 50 percent of all the searches and user experience would become a lot more important as well. Social media channels can expect to see a greater amount of indexing and social media optimization (SMO) is expected to become very important in the context of organic search as well.


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