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  • January 10, 2023

Doorway page: A Quick And Effective Way to Boost Website Traffic

If you are a business owner, then you will always prefer to secure higher ranks on the SERPs. After all, who does not like the privileges of high ranks on the search engine result pages to track maximum traffic to the website? However, the application of different SEO strategies has become mandatory if you want to boost your ranking on the SERP. The Doorway page can be a highly effective tool when it comes to securing better ranks on the results of search engines. Are you still unaware of the concept? Then continue reading to learn how the doorway pages can really become the doorway to a successful future.

⮚ Doorway pages: What are these?

the doorway pages are certain pages on the website that the developers create to rank for particular search queries. It's not uncommon for website owners to create multiple pages, trying to secure a good rank for a specific keyword or keyphrase on the search results. But the doorway pages literally act as the doors to the main content. the page itself is not at all useful to the viewers. The common tactic is to use the page as a re-directional section to another page. So, when a user clicks on the page, the meta will refresh and the doorway web page will quickly redirect the visitor to the intended page. Creating the doorway web pages has been always a controversial tactic. According to many experts, the process is a malicious way of implementing an SEO strategy. The name “doorway” derives from a technique that the Black Hat SEO masters used to implement to match with the pace of the search engines.

⮚ Common examples

You cannot perceive the concept clearly unless you go through a few examples of the strategy.
  • The creation of multiple subdomains, domain names, multiple sites, or subfolders will increase the “search footprint.’’ The website winners will create these pages solely to target the specific search phrases at some specific location. The objective is to funnel the users to one page.
  • The sole motive of creating the doorway pages for creating a funnel for eh visitors is to redirect the visitors to the actual web page. For instance, if the main page is, “Best home cleaners”, you have to create several different pages like “Best home cleaners in New York”, “Best home cleaners in Houston”, and so on.
  • The creation of similar pages that are very close to the search results will supersede the power of a browseable hierarchy. Therefore, the doorway web pages can really make a difference in boosting traffic to the site.
Therefore, the doorway web pages can really make a difference in boosting traffic to the site.

⮚ Get rid of poor-quality doorway web pages

Google is always prioritizing the need to enhance the user experience. Thus the algorithms will deliver only the best and high-quality results on the result page. So, don’t be surprised to know that the search engine algorithm will always try to get rid of the Black hat SEO tricks. And all of you know that Google has the highest standard of technical advancements in algorithm development. So, it's critical to clean your website. You need to stay away from using poor-quality doorway pages. Maintain high-quality pages and remove low-quality doorways to make sure that the search engines don’t blacklist the site.

⮚ Pros of the doorway web pages

A Doorway page is undeniably a useful technique for implementing SEO to secure better ranks on the SERP. The advantages of the doorway web pages are multiple. If you are having second thoughts about the credibility of these pages to boost traffic to the site, it's important for you to read the following:
  • Doorway pages can earn indexing very quickly. Thus, they get more opportunities to rank higher on search engines.
  • The innate ability of these pages is to draw all the genuine traffic to the website. as a result, lead generation increases.
  • Instant results are one of the primary reasons why many website owners prefer to use doorways.
  • The ease of setting up the doorway web pages is another reason why website owners prefer this strategy of SEO.
  • The target audience prefers the doorway pages. Do you know why? It is because these will lead the audience to the relevant part of the page of any particular website.
  • The user will ultimately reach the right page despite having so many other pages at different locations. Similar pages will always ad to the search results in the browsable history.
Thus, the advantage shave helped many website owners to gain good traffic to their sites through the doorway pages.

⮚ Differentiating landing page and doorway pages

Many website owners tend to mix up the concepts of a landing page and a doorway web page. And it's common to have confusion because of a few similarities between the concepts. But the main factor that distinguishes the two is that the landing page is also popular as a sell page to direct users to all crucial pages on the website. But the Doorway page will always lead the user to the destination page which the website owner actually wants the user to visit. So, the latter is a crude SEO strategy to lead the users to the exact page where the business owner wants to take. Hence, the two terms are not similar.

⮚ Use legitimate SEO techniques

If you have decided to utilize the concept of doorway pages, then you have to ensure that you use the most legitimate techniques.
  • Content is always the king on web pages. Hence, don’t forget to create some good content. Running a plagiarism check will ensure that the contents are unique. If you don’t do this, Google will detect duplicate content.
  • Accelerate the website loading speed and minimize the time to reach the intended page where you want to lead the traffic.
  • Keywords are important. In fact, the purpose of creating the doorway pages is to utilize the search queries as the main support to lead traffic to your site. Running PPC campaigns will help.
Doorway pages will be harmless HTML pages if you can maintain the legitimate aspects. So, it’s a great short-term solution for boosting traffic.
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