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Do You Really Need To Use Google Adwords For Your Business In 2021?

by | Nov 27, 2020 | PPC


Google Adwords is the most convenient way of advertising your products & services online. Google Ads are displayed over Google & Google partnered websites, creating a wider exposure and audience platform for business owners. Google Adwords PPC is based on the Pay per click online advertising platform further simplifying budget matters for business owners. Despite having numerous benefits, many business owners still doubt the authenticity of Google PPC and wonder if they need to use Google Adwords PPC for their business in 2021?

This post will help you clear all your doubts and help you decide if you should invest in Google Adwords as an online paid advertising channel in 2021.

Let us get started with the basics first.

Business owners must decide whether or not Google PPC online is the perfect strategy for their businesses.

Ask Yourselves: 

 How Do I Know If My Business Needs Google Ads?

If you are confused about using Google Adwords PPC Campaigns as an online advertising channel for your business/brand, the following tips will help you make the decision:

Investigate Your Budget, Marketing Goals, Time Check:

Business owners must ask themselves the following questions:

  1. What Is My Budget/Can I Invest In Google Ads?

For setting a Google PPC online budget, you need to analyse the average cost per clicks or CPC in your said industry and gauge the average cost with the conversion rates. This simple practice will help you investigate your monthly Google Adwords Budget and also the expected ROI for the month. If the generated figure fits in your online marketing budget, then you should invest in Google PPC online.

  1. What Are My Marketing Goals?

Every business varies in their online marketing goals, depending upon the online marketing channels they select and various other business-specific goals.

 Business whose online marketing goals include:

a.Targeting a Large online audience

b. Investing In Paid Media & Organic Media Channels.

c. An Aggressive Marketing Strategy where you are ready to spend a huge budget

Such business can make Google Adwords a part of their online marketing campaign.

  1. Time Check:

Time limitations form another important aspect to consider when deciding if your business needs Google Ads PPC.

Since managing Google PPC online is a time-consuming job and requires consistent monitoring, businesses who can invest a large amount of time can select Google Ads for their business. 

If business owners do not have resources and the time needed for creating Google PPC campaigns, then they must opt for Google Ads Certified Digital Agencies to take care of their Google Ads campaign.

GBIM is a Certified Google Adwords Partner Digital Agency.

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Analyse The Product Or Service You Offer And Its Grasp:

Since you will use Google PPC Online for your products or services, it is beneficial to analyse them and decide whether it needs to be advertised on Google or not. Google Adwords PPC seems like the perfect paid online marketing channel for displaying your products/services. It provides you with vast exposure and fast results. However, business owners forget Social Media Marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., for online promotion of their services/products. These social media channels have their ads catering to a large audience, resulting in a huge success.

You must investigate the workings of your product/service, its uses, needs, impact, and then decide if you need Google Adwords PPC Campaigns.

Examine Your Audience And Audience Behaviour:

Similar to Product analysis, Audience and audience behaviour analysis is a must. Since you will be selling your products/services to customers who are a part of the online audience, it is important to know which online channel your target audiences use daily. For some, it can be Facebook, For Some Instagram, LinkedIn or even Twitter. 

Google Adwords proves to be typically used as an online channel for marketing as it is accessed by almost every type of target audience daily providing a wider exposure.

Competition Research:

Competition Research helps you gain valuable insights like:

  1. Whether or not your competitors are opting for Google PPC online and curating ads for search terms you target.
  2. The keywords that your competitors are bidding for and generating revenue for the same. You will know the keywords generating high results, you too can use the same and reap the same benefits as your competitors.
  3. Access to competitor research data displaying the typical budget your competitors are spending on their account for bid maintenance. This helps you decide on your Google Adwords PPC budget.

Abiding by the above-listed tips will surely help you decide whether or not Google AdWords is the perfect Paid Media choice for your business in 2021.

For businesses still unsure and confused about opting for Google Adwords PPC as a Paid Media Strategy for their businesses in 2021, the below-listed reasons will help them understand why this Online Paid Media Strategy is the most suitable for businesses even in 2021:

1.The Perfect Network Channel For All Businesses:

Be it small, medium or big businesses, 

Google Adwords PPC proves to be the perfect network source of online advertisement. 2020 saw infinite businesses shifting their businesses online and going through a digital transformation due to the unforeseen pandemic, Resulting in an overwhelming use of Google AdWords. The trend will continue in 2021 too. Businesses will follow aggressive online advertisements strategies and use online networking channels for attractions a wide customer range online. Google Ads proves to be the perfect network channel as you get to choose the correct network channel to advertise your business over Google. Google Ads offers you four different networks to choose from:

A. Search Network ( Google Search)

B. Display Network

C. Google Shopping Network

D. Youtube (Video Ads)

You can choose a preferred network depending on your customer outreach, budget and online marketing goals. Each network comes with its benefits and helps you put forth your Google ad in the best way possible resulting in increased click-through rates and potential conversions.

  1. Quicker Results and Conversions:

As stated earlier, the pandemic has forced businesses to opt for a digital transformation and aggressive digital marketing. Organic Media practices such as SEO, is free, provides long term results and is consistent and stable and is full-proof. However, these unstable times, which will carry on even next year, need an aggressive online advertisement plan generating a larger impact, quick results and faster conversion. Google Adwords PPC ticks all the boxes. With market competition intensifying, Google Adwords proves to be a dependable channel for online business marketing, the more people see your ads, the more they will click, and the rest will follow. 

  1. Customer Optimisation:

 Customer is priority and Google Ads PPC proves to be a customer-oriented online advertising platform. Advertising using Google ads helps you reach all types of customers online. You might be surprised to know that many customers are online users who were surfing and clicked on your ad just because they liked it! You can reach out to your customers as soon as they search for products or services offered by you. This is known as intent marketing and proves to be profitable. Google Adwords allows you to display:

A.Your Contact Information

B. Location To Searchers

C. Focus on Highly Specific Searches

D. Follow customers With Retargeting

E. Reach Local Customers

No other online advertising channel provides you with such wide customer optimisation methods. Hence every business must opt for using Google Adwords in 2021

  1. Stay Ahead In The Competition:

Want to beat your competition and become the best in the business in 2021? Simple: Start creating Google PPC Online campaigns. The business competition will continue to be fierce in 2021, even if you are running SEO or PPC campaigns. Google Adwords PPC allows you to stay ahead in the competition, at the right price.

In case your competitors are highly investing in SEO, you can out win them with a Google Adwords PPC Campaign. Keyword Bidding practice helps you jump ahead of the organic search results, outranking competitors using SEO.

And as for your competitors using PPC campaigns, you can outbid them and rank them below you. Outbidding your competitors will divert their search traffic to your website, increasing your conversion rates.

  1. Google’s Wide Outreach:

Let’s face it, no other platform will provide you with outreach like Google. A single search will pop up your ads to a huge online audience. Also, business opting for display network Google ads will have their ads displayed over Google Partnered websites garnering massive responses. If you are still unconvinced, the statistics will help you solidify your decisions. Statistics state that Google handles 2+ trillion searches per year! Resulting in over 5 billion searches per day! 

Your potential audience lies in these 5 billion searches per day. The main reason for the searches: Searching answers for their queries. The best way to direct them to your business website: Giving Answers to Those Questions Via creating mind-blowing Google Ads.

Do You Need To Use Google Adwords For Your Business In 2021? : The Final Verdict

Yes! You must opt for Google Adwords as an online Paid Media Strategy for your business in 2021. Google Adwords is affordable, targets all audience types resulting in increased potential customers for your businesses and promises to provide higher ROIs if used correctly. The biggest advantage? As the name suggests, Google Adwords PPC runs on the Pay Per Click Advertising Platform, wherein you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. No clicks = no payment making it highly cost-effective and strategic. Research states that even if SEO provides you with an excellent online presence, Google PPC online provides you with Greater clicks resulting in a wider exposure and conversion rates.

You can start, stop and alter bids at any given time, resulting in greater flexibility while managing online campaigns. 

Co-Vid 19 has left all of us home bound in 2020. 2021 will be the same barring few out worldly interactions. E-Commerce, Online search for services and products will rise more in 2021, making Google Adwords PPC the Perfect Online Paid Media Channel For Your Business in 2021.

Although you can create and manage Google PPC online for your businesses independently, it is always advisable to approach a Google Ads Certified Digital Agency.


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