Do Follow and No Follow
  • January 13, 2023

Significance of Do Follow and No Follow Links in SEO

You are trying to boost business in an era of online links. Naturally, it is mandatory to understand certain technical nuances to make sure that you utilize the pros and save yourself from the cons of the linking process. Search engines have individual ways of perceiving the links. The nuances may be invisible, but you can surely find them as link attribute values on the page code within the tag . search engine crawlers will always follow the links and assess the pages that the links lead to. But the application of the Do Follow and No Follow links can affect the default behavior.

⮚ Understanding the links

Before Google defined and discussed the concepts of DoFollow or the NoFollow links, there reigned chaos in the world of SEO. But with the introduction of link building, the face of SEO changed a lot. If you want to secure rank on the first page of the SERP, your page must be truly valuable. It's time to understand the difference between the two types of links that can make a difference in the SERP ranking.

⮚ What is a DoFollow backlink?

The SEO experts define the DoFollow links as the ones that pass the authority of the original site to the associated destination site. This type of passing authority is technically termed “link juice”. Acquisition of the dofollow backlink will help you to improve the domain authority of your website. It will also enhance the domain rating. This will subsequently help to improve the keyword ranking. By default all the links are dofollow. So, there is no necessity to include rel=”dofollow” as you link to the website.

⮚ What is a NoFollow link?

The nofollow link is the backlink that will not pass over the authority of the original site to the destination web page. So, if you consider SEO, then these links are not of any help. If you want to create such a link, you have to include the page rel=”nofollow” to the code as you link to the destination website.

⮚ When to use nofollow links?

Kif you are not ready to pass the link juice to the destination site, or you want to avoid endorsing the linked website, then you have to use the nofollow link. For instance, the search engines recognized the nofollow links for the first time in 2005, when comment spam became an issue. Webmasters can create the links in the comment fields using nofollow to make sure that the website won't benefit from spamming comments with the links. There are several other situations where you can use nofollow links for sponsored links, user-generated content, or affiliate links.

⮚ Significance of dofollow links:

There are always controversies regarding the roles of the Do Follow and No Follow links. As now, you know about the nofollow links, it's time to gather some more information about the dofollow links. The dofollow links are basically backlinks. The external sources will use the link to your site as a backlink. Search engines have a lot of parameters to assess the quality of a website. And backlinks are always one of the most critical parameters. The high-quality dofollow links will thus be one of the major factors that will affect your ranking on the SERP. The search engines evaluate the following elements of the backlinks for indexing:

⮚ Organic link building

Search engines recommend using natural backlinks instead of paying for the links. If the crawlers detect so, you will have to face penalties for participating in link schemes that involve the reciprocal exchange or too much buying of the links.
  • Authority of the source If the link is to a trustworthy web page, the value will be more. And so, you will get the benefit of the link juice. But backlinks from spammy sources will negatively impact the website.
  • Diversity of the referring domains It is good to maintain a stable link-building relationship with some domains but it will be better if you prefer more domains. The variations are good for your site. Relevance
  • It is essential to get a link that has relevance to the service or product that you sell. Unless the link is relevant to the context, it won't boost traffic to your site. Also, the dofollow link should reflect the linked source in the anchor text to let the readers know what the website is about.
  • Placement of link You are really going to help in SEO if you can naturally place the high-authority dofollow links in the content, especially if it's possible to insert them within the first 200 words. If you hide the links from the users, you can lead to penalties. Search engines are strict about their policies.
  • Freshness
  • It's necessary to refresh the links frequently. Newly placed dofollow links will always have a higher value and scope rather than the old ones. So work on link building even when there are links in the contents.
All the above factors will play vital roles when the users will follow the links. You need to convey the right message to the search engine bots to regard your website at a higher rank. But what will happen if the link contains a nofollow attribute value?

⮚ Role of nofollow links in SEO

Websites always aim to get as many dofollow links as possible and their meaning. But do you know that it's also worth receiving the nofollow links? It can boost yoru traffic, enhance brand awareness, upgrade the ranking and open up further scopes for link-building opportunities. Nofollow links can also improve the SEO in the following ways:
  • These links will allow the Google crawlers to take up the hint and include the same in ranking calculations. Thus, the correlation with a considerable number of nofollow links is quite positive.
  • These links boost traffic if you can place them in the proper position of relative content.
  • Keep the nofollow links to minimize suspicions when you have mere dofollow links that indicate the chances of paid links.The proper understanding of Do Follow and No Follow links will help you to utilize both for the improvement of the rank on SERP.
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