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Directory Links

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Resources

Directory Links

What are Directory links and what things you should know about them?

Directory links refer to links that originate in a web directory – also called a link directory – that serves as a list or catalog of websites. Although still in use, web directories and directory links are legacy elements of the early Internet. As their name suggests, they were used to list entries of people or businesses online, such as their homepage addresses and contact information.

Web directories today tend to include entries about a website with links to their content, organized into categories and subcategories. In addition to Directory links, the entry may also contain the title of the page and a summary of its content.

In most hyperlink directories, entries cowl whole websites instead than their character pages. For organizational purposes, most sites are eligible for inclusion in only a few categories within a directory.

The basic idea behind web directories is to provide an alternative way to find information online by browsing topics rather than searching by keyword. Today, most directories allow searches within their databases.

You should know about directories

  1. Not all directories are created equal.
  2. Linking your website to a reputable directory can have a positive impact on search engine rankings.
  3. Be in one of the best directories on the web.

The best way to build links naturally is with quality, relevant content. But how do we get initial visibility for our quality content?

A good place to start is to list in a high-quality directory. Directory link listings may not offer much traffic these days, but they can help your site get indexed by search engines and build some trust.

It’s essential to take note that no longer all directories are created equal. Some are great, some are junk, and some are in between. Google is recognized to believe some directories are greater than others. Usually, those with human editors, charge a fee and just don’t accept any submissions.

  • ODP or DMOZ (Open Directory Project). ODP has been problematic for years. It’s hard to review, but ODP is still a quality link because it feeds the Google directory.
  • The directory is another great directory. Yahoo! The directory costs $299 per year and charges even if they don’t accept you.
  • One of the best original web directories on the web. A quality, human-edited, general directory with good internal PageRank and curated listings, Best of the Web has an annual review price of $79.95 and a lifetime review price of $239.95. Inclusion in the directory is not guaranteed and your review fee is non-refundable.

 The sheer volume of quality content ensures that search engines index these pages frequently. Also, they work diligently to keep the site’s reputation glowing, making links valuable.

Directory Submission Tips

Submission to quality Directory links is not the end of the story. You must calculate your deposit by doing the following.

  • Submission to the appropriate department. You may be tempted to target a page with higher authority, but make sure it’s relevant too.
  • Do not use keyword anchor text. Google won’t need it if your website link is in the right category.
  • Please change your description. Make sure your description matches the audience browsing the directory, especially if the directory is specified.
  • Use all options. Some directories allow for additional deep links, long descriptions, and social links. Get your money’s worth using them.


Are these directory links valuable?

Trust is a huge component of Google and different search engines these days. Guidelines that impose strict editorial controls and are not accepted by just anyone increases the trust factor in Google’s eyes This makes the link to that directory and your site a trusted link… that’s a big deal.

If you’re a spammer, you’re unlikely to spend hundreds of dollars getting your site listed in quality directories, only to be rejected. Therefore, if you are considered a serious, quality webmaster and can get listed in quality directories, Google recognizes that.

Cynthia Pinsonnault is the owner of Lemon Dog Project (formerly Pinsonnault Creative), with over 20 years of experience in graphic design, website design, and marketing. The Lemon Dog Project helps small to medium-sized businesses reach their goals through graphic design, marketing, and advertising; website design, SEO, and usability consulting, as well as customizing and managing site hosting. The Lemon Dog Project combines elements of graphic design and communication in a focused, comprehensive approach to marketing, bridging technology and creativity.

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