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Every Search Engine has its own set of rules and regulations for websites and web pages to ensure that the user attains what he/she needs. The process of making the necessary changes in the website as prescribed by the search engine to improve the rankings in the search results is known as ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ The process of Search Engine Optimization is useful for the business as well as the user.

Once the website reaches the top position in the search result, the business will improve due to the enhanced online presence. Also, the users attain what they desire from you. This strategy is implemented by most of the businesses that are at the peak of the search results.

Big companies outsource SEO to an SEO Company, to ensure that the necessary tasks are taken care of in terms of SEO. This involves various steps starting from content optimization, on-page Optimization to the backlink generation. This helps in enhancing the rankings of the website or the webpage.

Our SEO Marketing Agency in Vadodara will help you achieve your business goals with the best-in-class SEO strategies & services based on your business needs.

Complete SEO Analysis

We perform 3 different analysis on your website that will help us to develop a strategy that will suit you the best.

Keyword Analysis

This will help us to find which keywords searched by the users will be more relevant to your business. Higher the relevance and the number of users searching for your business, we will shortlist those keywords for you.

Website Analysis

Not all websites lack SEO. Many websites are almost optimized but lack a few aspects that play a major role in the rankings. We will analyze your website to find out these aspects that your website lacks and set it right.

Competition Analysis

This is the most important step in SEO because this will give you that additional push against your competitors. We will analyze the strategies used by your competitors and find out what works for them and takes them to a better ranking. And we will develop a strategy similar to, or better than that to bring you to the top.

Our Suggestions & Your Feedback

Based on our analysis, we will convey our findings to you and suggest corrective measures that will increase your rankings and generate more leads for you. And it will not be just one-way communication. You can give in your valuable feedback and suggestions to add to the strategy and make things work. Together, we will develop our strategy and work towards our goal of higher leads.

Give Google What It Expects

Google expects that all the guidelines mentioned by its Webmasters should be followed sincerely. If the complete website enables the easy crawling of the crawler as per the different algorithms (Google Panda Algorithm, Google Penguin Algorithm, etc.), Google will reward you with what you are searching for, ‘better leads.’

Off-Page SEO

Our Off-Page strategies help you to improve your external links to the best possible extent. It is known as Natural Link Building Activity for a reason. This is the major task that will bring more traffic and viewers to your website.

On-Page SEO

SEO requires the presence of some essential piece of code in the backend of a webpage. We add these important pieces of code like language tags, local schema, canonical tags in the backend of the webpages to improve the efficiency of the code. Besides this, there are 100+ Tags to improve the quality of the website.

Guaranteed Results

At GBIM, we assure you that our SEO services will help increase your search engine placement as well as visibility, and in turn site traffic, you can expect and experience an optimistic ROI. Our conceptualization and proficiency bracket to an approach towards SEO that is second to none.
GBIM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has gained a reputation as the best SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in India, over the past 18+ years of vast experience with various Local, National & International Clientele. We follow a structured approach in developing an SEO strategy for your business to achieve the optimum rankings and traffic gains in less than 2-3 months. (Result may depend upon the competition & sectors )
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What to expect from a SEO agency

Who can be benefited from SEO?
Anyone ranging from a small start-up business to a big MNC can benefit from SEO. You just need to have a website for your business.
How long does it take to get good results in SEO?
“SEO is a time-consuming process”, is the common and the biggest misunderstanding among people. With proper and channelized efforts, we can start seeing results in a month or two.
What is Better? SEO or PPC?
Both have their own advantages. If you are unable to afford PPC, you can anytime invest in SEO for good returns.
How can I track my website’s progress?
You will be getting monthly reports about the performance of your website so that you can track your website’s performance.
Are there any online tools used for SEO?
We use a number of online tools like SERanking, Google Analytics, Google Search Console (Google Webmaster), SEMRush, etc.
Why not try DIY steps for SEO?
Based on the competitiveness of your industry and the resources of your business, you may definitely want to approach an SEO firm to help you along the path. You may get flagged for spamming and get thrown out of Google’s index for practicing any of the spammy SEO tactics.
What if my website is not optimized?
You may not get the rankings in the search results. SEO acts as a catalyst for your business and escalates your profit by yielding more business to you thereby enhancing your popularity.
What are the reasons for not getting good rankings?
There may be a number of reasons like spammy or plagiarized content, the penalty imposed by Google on the website due to spammy or suspicious activities, etc. We will look into it, crack the issue and resolve it based on our experience, but to an inexperienced person, it would not be decipherable.