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Google Ads (also referred to as PPC) is basically an online advertising platform developed by Google. Here the advertisers pay a specific amount to display brief advertisements, product listings, service offerings, video content, and produce mobile app installs in the Google ad network to web users. If you desire to bring in new website visitors, developing online sales, get the phones ringing or wanting to have a loyal customer base, Google Ads can help.

Attain your marketing goal with GBIM:

Online advertising enables you to target your ads to the type of customer you desire and strain those you don’t. Advertising with Google Ads company lets you use diverse targeting methods to reach out to the potential customers exactly when they’re looking for your products and services. We will assist you in benefitting from varying ad formats and features.

If you think your paid campaign efforts are not paying off and your money is being drained, it’s time to take a leap forward. Approach us! We at GBIM have worked closely with clients in almost every industry, helping them turn into profit-making machines.

Having worked with some biggies in the market, namely, Reliance, Della Adventure, KTI, Rustomjee, and to name a few, we actually know what we are doing. We don’t ask you to waste your money on gratuitous trial and error since we know what works and what doesn’t. We will fix the bug in terms of your account structure, examine your keywords and hunt for more enhanced opportunities, design spellbinding ads, and much more. Don’t you think it can be a great deal? Ring us today.

We can help you with the following:

Paid Search Marketing

This also refers to a pay-per-click model wherein advertisers pay only when people click on their ad and visit their website. Google is claimed as the 800 lb giant in the space; with the help of their ad platform known as AdWords, advertisers generate text ads that are displayed on the search engine result pages.

Our team can help you decide the best strategy that is likely to minimize your CPC and boost conversions. Also, we monitor your campaigns for better enhancement so that you don’t fall prey to a standstill. Whether it’s about giving a push to the current campaign or creating something from the scratch, we’re by your side.


Remarketing campaigns help display ads to people who have already visited your website or used your app. They are availed with additional settings and reports particularly for targeting previous visitors or users.

We can help you by creating a unique remarketing strategy that is tailored specifically to boost your conversion potential. We help you by creating alluring ad copies that will impart a sense of urgency so that consumers feel the urge to buy right away.

Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping campaign helps you promote your products through comprehensive information in relation to what you’re marketing prior to even they click your ad. In short, when a user hunts for something in Google, your product feed will be highlighted at the top of the page. This gives you an edge over your competitors as it amputates the need for the customer to browse through a few sites to find what they need.

We can help you set up Google Shopping campaigns for your e-commerce firm with top-notch quality photos, tempting copy so that customers will be forced to make a purchase.

Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimization

Your search and display ads play an essential role, undoubtedly, but there’s yet another essential aspect of paid advertising that is often overlooked by people. After seizing the interest of a lead, they still need to go through your landing page before they convert. If it’s damn slow or unappealing, you’re likely to lose prospective patrons.

Our dedicated team of designers and content writers possess sound experience in creating landing pages that are tailored to augment conversions. To attain the best result, we follow A/B testing to find the best possible headlines, copy, etc.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a form of advertising on websites, apps, or social media using banners, and other ad formats made up of texts, images, flash, video, and audio. The motto behind display advertising is to serve general advertisements and convey brand messages to visitors. But to ensure that your display ads get noticed, you must have a flawless design and a captivating CTA.

We are experts in designing display ads that are enticing. And you need not worry about draining ad spend on impassive consumers- we assure you that your ads will be displayed on the sites where your target audience nest.

Don’t just rely upon anyone. We are known for our PPC service in Vadodara. We’re recognized Google Partner, so you can trust us! We actually know how to create as well as optimize campaigns for development.

Why Prefer GBIM As Your Buddy

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All digital expertise under one roof.

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Our CEOs are Digital Marketing experts themselves

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100% transparent transactions and genuine suggestions,

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What to expect from a PPC agency

Where will my Google Ads appear?
Google Ads are stunningly flexible, so you know where to place your ads, how much they will cost you, and also your advertising quality.
How will I get leads from Google Ads campaign?

Several factors are considered to spot lead counts. Our aim is to create a campaign and optimize it to maximize the return of your input. Being a recognized Google Ads service agency, we have attained laurels with respect to running unique campaigns that live up to the performance standards.

Will Google Ads help my business?
Of course. Almost all businesses, brands, and organizations use Google Ads to boost their sales and business. You should know how you can set up and optimize your Google Ad campaign. We are certified and qualified professionals and will do our best to help you set up and optimize Ad campaigns.
How do I measure the success of my campaign?
You can determine the success of your campaign in several ways. We mostly use cost per conversion, ROI or in a few cases how much vulnerability to the business the campaign is generating or building. We will work closely with you to decide.
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