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Content Marketing Trends In 2020

by | Dec 28, 2019 | Content Marketing

Content has been said to be the King Of SEO. It has been the biggest ranking factor, after the UI and UX of a Website. Almost, all the Updates from Google have been based on Content and Backlinks.

Because, as obvious as it sounds, Content plays the biggest role in On-Page SEO Optimization. The better optimized the content opens the doorways of the higher-ranking position of the website in the Search Results.

To add to things, the BERT Update, that released during the end of 2019, emphasized on the natural language flow rather than Keyword Usages and emphasized on content creation according to E-A-T guidelines and answer the Search Queries by Users.

Keywords and search queries are the most important aspect of the contents. So now, we must focus on our Content Strategies and the Content Marketing Strategies to stay at the top of our business.
Let’s see how we can optimize our content to see better results:


Keep The Content Natural – Written For The Human and Not For The AI

Any Search Engine works to provide the best services to its users. So our Content must be as natural as possible. While working on the content of the website or the blogs, we must see to it that the user gets all the information he/she needs.

It must be as natural as possible to make things look realistic. This will gain the trust of the user and lead to traffic retention on the website.

So while hiring any writers, see to it that the writer is present in each and every strategy meeting of the business. This ensures that the writer has a good amount of idea about the business.

More the knowledge of the business, the writer has, more efficiently he/she can write natural content.
This can prove to be useful when the crawler crawls your web pages, as they work on the principle of Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Moral of the story, keep your content as natural as possible.


Go With The Flow – Make It Natural

As discussed earlier, we must work on the way we use our keyword phrases and search queries in the content. But also, we discussed that the content must be as Natural as possible. How can we strike the balance?
The answer is, “Go With The Flow”.

We need to emphasize on the usage of keywords, but not stress too much on their usage. We must go with the flow in such a way, that the keywords appear as a natural part of the content, just like the flow of the other words in the content.

We need to write content based on the topic so that we can cover as many points as it can answer maximum queries searched by the user. The content should contain our target keywords, but our content should be based on the topic and not the keywords. Our content should be user-friendly, which will, in turn, make it SEO Friendly.

Do not overdo the usage of the keywords. This will make the contents a perfect example of a Keyword-Rich Mess, instead of Keyword-Rich Content.


Number Of Words – The Word Count

This is where empathy comes into play. Think from the users’ point of view if you would read a 4000-word content, with no proper information in it? Even if you write 300-400 words, it must be sensible and solve almost all the queries your user has. But, do not restrict your words too much.

Again, go with the flow. Write your contents in such a way that your content should become a reliable source of information for the user. 300-400 words are the lower limit for your content. Convey your thoughts and your knowledge about the business as efficiently as you can, no matter what is the number of words you have written.

Again, do not use much of Complex and compound sentences. Keep your content simple. One sentence at a time.

For example,

Read the following sentence.
“An established SEO Company works on its keyword strategy and includes it in its content marketing strategies to get proper content that its users can read, so that it can enable user retention, thereby reducing its bounce rate.”

Tired of reading it in a single flow right?

Now try this.
“An established SEO Company works on its Keyword strategy. It sees to it that the keywords are included in the content marketing strategies to get proper content written. This content can be read and understood by the user. This enables user retention and reduces the bounce rate eventually.”

Better to understand and sounds good too right?



Write as naturally as possible. Keep your contents simple and go with the flow. Avoid the over-optimization of the content in case of the above-mentioned strategies. Because guess what? You know that anything in excess is harmful.

Wish You A Happy Content Marketing in 2020.

Nirlep & Dharmesh

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