Changing Content Marketing Trends in 2019 to Look-Out For

We all know that the digital marketing scenario is vibrantly dynamic and it changes in its trends every day. 2019 will not be an exception to this. It is interesting to take a look at the changing scene of content marketing all throughout this year.

First of all, the sheer size of the content market will grow this year. It’s going to be huge! The content marketing industry is estimated to grow over $500 billion by 2022. There have been huge investments in the content marketing in the last few years and this will keep on growing exponentially. Even the customers nowadays rely heavily on the digital ways of interaction with the industries and the manufacturers. Nearly 70% of the young digital users have blocked the promotional ads. They depend heavily on the social media influencers and their peers on the digital platform for reaching out and choosing the brand. As far as the B2B industries are concerned they too rely heavily on the online content, as their customers are doing all their brand research online.
The sprint of content marketing is unstoppable, but what is the direction in which it is going to grow? How the evolving technology and creativity in the digital sector will influence the same? Let’s have a look at it:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Influences on the content

Will there be a heavy reliance on the AI for content marketing in 2019? Will the AI bots substitute the human content writers and make them out of job? Not quite exactly. But developments in the AI will certainly help the content writers in the form of the supporting tools. Right now AI can mimic some vital human functions like learning, critical thinking and problem-solving. The AI technology can be used handily in the entire lifecycle of the content development and deployment.

For starters, it has changed the entire process of content creation. Interesting tools are utilized heavily to brainstorm in content ideation and then for the trend comparison for gaining the better traffic on the content. AI will even stretch past ideation levels, into content marketing. Famous cola giants like Pepsico and Coca-Cola already use the AI content for script creation and for social media updates. This was unimaginable a few years ago, but today this has become an everyday phenomenon.

The entire lookout at the audience experience is going to change drastically because of the AI intervention. The chatbots and the voice bots not only interact through the channel but also serve as a different medium altogether as far as the exchange of content is concerned. Thus by the interactions with the bots, the audience will be fed the content based on the trends in their behavior and overall habits and patterns. The B2B organizations also benefit from such technological advancements. Chatbots help in learning the nature of the lead and its potential of getting it converted into a business.

Even the content marketers will be severely influenced by the AI. The leaders in social media like Facebook and Instagram use the bots to analyze the user behavior and provide the user with the choices for the viewing content based upon this analysis.

Authenticity and Community Building

There has been a shift in the content strategy in the recent few years. This shift is from the technological aspect to create more humanistic content. Thus this strategy is dedicated to the change in the mindset of the users and overall digital community. The young users of the digital platforms hate the traditional ways of persuasive ad campaigns and they rely heavily upon the influencers and the peers for getting the human feedback for choosing the products and the services. The users believe in the authenticity of the third party consumers than the company promotions about their products or services. The purchasing choices of the peers influence the buyers like nothing else. The social media is the most preferred place for the purchase followed by the retailers’ pages. This has given rise to the totally new ways of marketing. The brands now need to think more of their brand’s authenticity and strong network amongst the peers. The approach has changed to form the own community which shares and cares. This is the best way to make your brand more authentic and more talked of. Most importantly make your content value added if you’re looking forward to the better SEO/SEM results. Your content must focus on organic engagement with your customers.

Content Pillars over SEO

Until now SEO has been the backbone of internet marketing. This focus will shift to the content pillars and topic clusters from 2019 and onwards. Pillar pages are the high-level piece of content which provide links to the small topic clusters. This creates the content ecosystem. This approach is different from the usual concept of the keywords. The traditional concept of the keywords was based on words and phrases but now content marketing would be more inclined towards the organic as well as naturally meaningful content.

Advancing Video

Now from 2019 and onwards the focus will dramatically change to the video content, in the format as well as in the function. The main player to watch out for in the new year is Instagram’s IGTV. We can hope this transformation in the video strategy would enhance the quality and the utility of the content. The video content also increases the credibility as well as the user engagement with the products and the brand. The use of the videos for the B2B clients has proven to fetch great business results. Organizations and the enterprises can perform their research more effectively using the video content. Thus the video content adds the authenticity of the brand and can be used for a great research value.

The content marketing strategy would remain Invincible despite all the other technical changes in the field of Internet marketing. It is very important for you to start thinking of planning and strategizing towards implementing an effective content strategy for the effective internet marketing of your website.

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