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27 Oct

Product Structured Data – A step by step guide

Structured Data Product Struture Data Guide Adding Structured Data to Your Product Pages enables Google to display detailed product information in rich search results, including Google Images. With the help of the Markup, viewers can see various product features like Price,...
8 min read
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22 Oct

Sitelinks Search Box Schema

Structured Data With the help of a site links search box, you can search through a website or an app instantly via the search page results. The site links search box is nothing but a website-specific search box. It is a website or an app’s very own Search toolbar. The feature is...
4 min read
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22 Oct

Job Training (Beta) Schema

Structured Data The Job Training Experience on Google Search helps employees, students, professionals, and all individuals discover a new or different career path for themselves and gain new skills for their next jobs or new careers. It is a useful feature for job seekers,...
9 min read
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22 Oct

Recipe Schema Markup

Structured Data You can use the Recipe schema Markup for letting Google know about your recipes. When you use the Recipe structured data, you provide valuable information like review ratings, preparation and cooking time, nutrition information, etc. helping Google to understand your...
6 min read
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12 Oct

How To Add Structured Data To Job Postings?

Structured Data Use the JobPosting structured data markup to your job posting web pages for improving and simplifying job-seeking search appearances. With the help of the structured data job postings are made eligible for appearing in a special search experience in Google Search...
12 min read
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