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SEO Trends in 2020
Appearing at the top of Google result pages is one of the biggest advantages for a business, right? To be the first place, SEO is one of the
In the face of stiff competition in today’s world in any field that one can imagine, and more so when it comes to business, we can see that

Discontinuing SEO Services During A Pandemic May Damage You For Long Term
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing large harm to an all-digital world. Some way or another everyone is undergoing a specific loss be it personally
2 Dec
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Social Media Predictions for 2020

SMO A report by Statista says that by 2020, there will be around 2.96 billion who will be using social media across the globe, and by 2021, this number will touch to 3.10 billion. Gradually with time, social network penetration is increasing in leaps and bounds, and as of...
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30 Oct
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Is Social Media Marketing Dying?

SMO This is 2019 and even now social media marketers are still busy reminiscing about 2008 which was supposedly the best year in their domain. Back then Facebook had not attained its present popularity or influence. The content was not being governed by any significant...
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12 Sep
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Top Social Media Marketing Trends For 2019

SMO Today, the entire world is rolling on the Internet and the fastest growing thing about it is the “Social Media”. Social media is one such powerful resource online that can make or break the brand. Brands all around the world are taking social media very seriously and...
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