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Maharashtra’s No. 1 Medical Education Consultant
Project Background
Medical Education Consultant for MBBS Studies Abroad
The Vishwa Education Consultant is known to be no. 1 medical education consultant for MBBS studies abroad. This was founded in the year 1999 and there are about 16 different centres of Vishwa across
We are aware of the fact that quality leads are very important for every industry and the only way to increase these leads is by creating properly targeted PPC campaigns and dedicated landing pages. The Vishwa Education Consultants were lacking the potential leads which they needed to make significant progress in their business. It was until last May 2019, that they had hired a different digital marketing agency but they were not satisfied with the quality of leads. Therefore, they decided to change the agency and later got in touch with us in May 2019. Since then we have been serving them with the best services and have supplied them with potential leads. Apart from the quality lead requirements they also wanted :
  • Maximizing CTR
  • Improving user experience
  • Post engaging content on PPC landing page
  • Maximizing leads
The goal of our client was to expand its reach over the potential audience who are searching for the type of services our client provides. We started working towards such marketing strategies which can supply them good leads. Our plan was to create such marketing search campaigns in which we decided to target our potential audience based on their age, education background, demographics and much more. Not only this, but we also went to convert website landing pages into native Marathi language for our audiences who were Marathi.
Our business-customized campaigns had started to show results within the first two weeks of the beginning of the campaign. Our team of experts was successfully able to increase the conversion rate of the website of VMAP by 56% straight with a decrease in cost per conversion by 18%. Now the cost has been increased by 35% and along with this we also raised the clicks by 75%, which were the actual expectations of our client from us. After working hard for the first 2 weeks, we along with our client were happy and satisfied with our results. However, all of this did not stop us from working harder. Just after 2 weeks when our client got its desired results, we suggested the client to invest more in campaigns for improving results. Later we also started with display and video ads.

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