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The Future Tech

The Future Tech is the leading organization that is into offering excellent cloud services and solutions. TFT has been the best cloud solution provider in India and offers a plethora of products that include Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Solutions, SSL Certificate, WhatsApp Marketing, and Data Capture Tools.
Project Background
Cloud Technology
The organization is also into offering incredible solutions like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Azure Services, etc. Additionally, the company also provides Bulk Whatsapp Marketing and Google Data Extractor software.

With the increasing implementation of digital technology, today, organizations are making the best way of digitization. Also, they are in the initial steps of the IT revolution while making use of cloud-based applications. However, the cloud is vital to digital transformation strategies and which is why the cloud is gaining increasing demand. Additionally, the organizations require the ability to deliver apps and users with true speed and to keep up with their business requirements. They also require upholding strict security as well as defiance. But, there are few technical challenges when you decide to jump to the cloud infrastructure. These challenges may include the costs, infrastructure, and security compliance of the cloud platform.

Besides, in today’s competitive world, getting the best customer base is quite tough and for that, you need to have a strong and authorized platform. And GBIM offered TFT one of the trustworthy platforms to grow their business and showcase their authenticity and genuine products in the social media line.

With implementing SEO drives, TFT started a distinctive social media tactic whose main aim was to target the quality leads. Let us look at the approach we took -
  • Creating a Social Media Lead Campaign This was 45 days of the lead campaign which gave us high quality 30-40 leads per day throughout the campaign. This has been the BEST LEAD CAMPAIGN we have ever channelized.
  • Organic Posting & Facebook Marketing Applying the best lead campaign through organic posting and Facebook marketing strategy to grab new customers. Also, products of TFT were posted and promoted on social media.
  • Facebook Page-Like Campaign Incorporating this strategy gave TFT around 545- page likes.
  • Expanding reach through #HashTag posts Trending #hashtag posts were created to appeal customers on the Instagram platform for the sole promotion purpose.
The Results
With GBIM’s one of its kinds of strategies, TFT could reach a better social media presence and we made it successful to create and share-worthy data for the customers. This has been our ever best social media campaign in which we could get with the quality leads at the lowest cost ever. This showcases GBIM’s incessant efforts and cutting-edge social media tactics that brought amazing results and assisted in elevating the online presence of TFT. GBIM is glad to run successful campaigns for this organization and is looking forward to giving more to TFT!

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