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Skin & Shape Clinic

Based in Lokhandwala, Andheri - Skin and Shape Clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Bijoy Methil and Dr. Anju Methil. The centre aims at achieving excellence when it comes to beauty. The clinic has proven its mettle and uses advanced technologies for various individualised treatment.
Project Background
Dermatologist in Mumbai, India
Popular amongst the celebrities, this centre provides services like nose reshaping, skin fairness, hair transplant, and many more. Located in the prime location of the Mumbai city, the centre works at unravelling the hidden beauty.
Challenges is a multi page website with detailed information. There are several advantages associated with the centre. It is run by the industry experts and offers the right procedure for each of the tailored treatments. The USP of stands out to be a smooth assimilation of both non-surgical and surgical techniques used by the doctors who are closest allies and sharpest critics of each other. The centre used advanced methodologies to get things done.

Despite having so many plus points, the website and subsequently the centre was failing on digital marketing ground. They had digital presence but were not getting proper leads and quality enquiries. Although Dr. Anju Methil & Dr. Bijoy Methil had already burnt their fingers in the past with some SEO Company but they were not When they came to us we analysed their website thoroughly. The following were some of the areas which needed changes to optimise the website for desired results—

  • The loading speed of the webpages were very slow. Loading time of website pages is a very important factor to be ranked and crawled.
  • Few pages had duplicate <title> tags. For an SEO friendly website, each page must have a unique title tag.
  • Many of the pages had a duplicate meta description and this was impacting SEVERELY the ranking and crawling of the website.
  • The number of backlinks were very few. The website was receiving maximum visits only from Facebook. It needs to be optimised with other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter for better visits.

In order to get leads and quality enquiries from the Search engine, the website needed to go through thorough changes in SEO elements. There were several aspects of SEO where the pages were lacking and to have the best results each of the webpage had to be properly optimised. The following were some of the ways we implemented—

  • Addressed the issues that were hindering the quality enquiry by mending the flaws related to the ContactUs pag
  • Optimized Google Business Listings to get Quality Leads from Google Maps.
  • Keyword analysis was done and changes thereof
  • Optimised the social media accounts of the website
  • Addressed the technical glitches related to title, meta description, and X-robots-tag which were available on the webpage.
The Results
The above changes and implementations obviously enhanced the traffic and visibility and gradually it drove in definite and quality enquiries from the search engines.

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