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Established in 2017 and founded by a dynamic duo, Smita Vijaykumar, Co-founder & CEO and Yateesh Contractor, Co-founder & CFO, reNNovate is the leading and one-stop destination for all excellent residential interior solutions.
Project Background
Interior design studio
ReNNovate is the top brand that has been incessantly offering sustainable luxury to its clients along with 3D- visualization, genuine customization, and end-to-end interior solutions. The firm also offers exclusive factory-finished products assuring to modernize your home within a time period of 45 days. Today, reNNovate has reached an epitome of success with its outstanding performance while its brilliant and creative minds strive to outclass in the industry.
Today, technology and internet has touched almost every corner of the industries be it education, healthcare, or engineering. And interior design is one of those which are receiving highest demand these days. With the ease of technology, people are now giving high preference to approach an interior designing studio online, especially, on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Though social media is on its highest verge today and is the best channel to spread business, it indeed becomes a challenge to stand out of the crowd and reach potential customers through SM platforms. reNNovate was in search of the best social media marketing strategy with which its brand could reach potential customers at a faster pace. And this would call for GBIM’s effective search and social media marketing approach.
Besides, implementing SEO & PPC advertising campaigns, reNNovate also started a goal-oriented social media tactic that would specifically target valued audiences while placing the firm as an active source for anyone seeking for interior designing solutions in the domain. And this approach included:
  • Developing a Social Media Strategy It would include brand awareness, quality lead generation, and regular posting on SM platforms
  • Measuring Social Media ROI Staying updated about the real value received from the investment that has been made.
  • Improving a Decline in Organic Reach Applying cutting-edge social media marketing strategy so that decline in the organic reach would be improved.
  • Answering All of Your Customer’s Questions Creating informative posts that will aptly answer all of the customer’s questions.
  • Increasing Reach through Shares Post generation and sharing them on SM platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn on a monthly basis to reach maximum traffic. This also included festival posts.
The Results
reNNovate has grasped its overall social media presence that has made the firm even more renowned that will continue to foster. With GBIM’s innovative and winning strategies, reNNovate made it successful to generate shareable as well as worthy data for everyone in the domain. Not least, the firm has noticeably enhanced its online presence and search visibility to reach new customers. However, we, at GBIM, strive hard to optimize the social media at its level best to give a brilliant shape to reNNovate’s brand.
Nirlep Patel is a sincere business owner and provides good solutions for AdWords and Facebook ads. We are very happy with the leads generation from his efforts
Smita Vijaykumar

Director of rennovate interior

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