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Raffles Education Corp entered into Mumbai in 2004 and was named as ‘Raffles DesignInternational, Mumbai’. However, its first college of Raffles was incepted in 1990 inSingapore. It is the reputed designing institute in Mumbai located in the prime location of Mumbai which is Marol, Andheri. The institute offers a BA (Hons) Degree along withDiploma courses for a broad spectrum of domains such as Product Design, Interior Design,Fashion Design, Visual Communication, Digital Media Design, Fashion Management & Communication. The institute has a set of experienced professionals that teaches flawlesslyand offers the ever best quality education to the students.
Project Background
Designing Institute
The prime aim of the institute is to produce the most skilled and talented graduates throughits top courses offered. Its vision is to see its students changing the realms of designing inthe future with an advanced and disciplinary approach. The quality education at Rafflesmakes its student's industry ready and incorporates self-confidence and ultimate intelligence in them so that when they step out in the world, nothing can change their vision to be successful.

In today’s competitive world, there is not a domain left to which technology has not brought a drastic change. And the education domain stands among them. Be it a school or a private institute that offers quality education to its students, we can experience high competition. Amid these challenges, it has become truly mandatory for an educational business to create its strong presence on the social media platform. This includes being your business active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Having a strong social media presence offers the best assurance that you are being viewed by people and there are high chances that they will get attracted to your business while joining hands with you!

And this is why GBIM decided to aid Raffles, the best designing institute in Mumbai, to stay on the top of the designing institutes crossways the world with our best in class SocialMedia tactics. We helped them raise tall on the social media platform while making their online presence strong and sturdy.


Our expert team of Social Media run an organic posting campaign for Raffles that includedcreating innovative and unique creative for a wide range of festive posts. Besides, we alsoworked on increasing Raffles followers on LinkedIn and Twitter that gave outstandingresults.

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Twitter Followers BEFORE joining our campaign - 40

Twitter Followers AFTER joining our campaign- 212

What makes it more astonishing is that we could make this notable impact in just 2 weeks!

Our campaign also included sharing creativity on the social media platform in order to keepthe viewers engaged while keeping them updated with the admission notifications ofRaffles. GBIM’s cuttingedge designer’s team created mind-blowing posts that could appealto the audience while keeping them intact with the institute. The logic was simple- Themore engaged the audience gets, the more chances are there to get noticed by the viewersfrequently which apparently results in getting good leads.

The Results

The social media team of GBIM implemented every best possible strategy that engaged theaudience incessantly while keeping Raffles active on the social media platform round theclock. However, the results were stunning and we could see an increased number offollowers on Twitter and LinkedIn. If people are following our page then it simply meansthat they are interested in our business and want to get updated with us every now andthen. And we could do this for Raffles! We are glad to serve this part of the biggest privateeducation group in the Asia Pacific area.

GBIM is happy to run a successful social media campaign for Raffles which is the mostdemanded and the leading designing institute we ever came across. We all are lookingforward to offering more of our services to them in the coming time…

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