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With over 11 years of extensive experience, Metamorphosis is the leading clinic that offers a broad range of special cosmetic treatments. The clinic specializes in Laser Hair Removal, Hair loss solutions, Cosmetic Surgeries, Dermal Fillers, Skin Rejuvenation, Obesity Treatment, and much more. Metamorphosis possesses a friendly, experienced, and professional team to perform all respective procedures.
Project Background
Skin Treatment/ Dermatologist Clinic

The clinic offers outstanding treatment along with aftercare packages that suits every patient while the face-to-face & in-depth consultation ensures complete client satisfaction.

The clinic has its footprints in Delhi and Mumbai and has several branches in these metropolitan cities. This case study deals with how GBIM could accomplish success with innovative social media platforms.

Technology developments have shown incredible alterations in the medical industry and have also proved highly beneficial for the overall growth of the domain. Today, a number of clinics have been focusing on increasing their online presence with which they could reach out to people who are really in a need for best class clinical services.

It is known to everyone that how much efficacious social media has been since its inception! Social media has become the ever-increasing channel that helps to spread your businesses. Though it is increasing, it is indeed a challenge for all social media marketing professionals to make innovative strategies that could appeal to people and then turn into creating the best lead generations. Metamorphism was in search of the best social media marketing strategies with which it could grab a good hold on potential clients who are seeking top-notch skin treatments. This is when GBIM stood out with its astounding social media campaigns to offer great services to the clinic.

The Strategy

Besides, implementing SEO & PPC advertising campaigns, Metamorphosis initiated a result-oriented social media campaign that would specifically target valued audiences. In order to place the firm as an active online source for all looking for best-in-class skin treatments in Mumbai and Delhi.

  • Creating an effective Social Media Plan- It included quality lead generation, brand awareness, post boosting and regular posting on SM platforms like Facebook & Instagram.
  • Improving a Decline in Organic Reach- Applying cutting-edge social media marketing strategy so that decline in the organic reach would be improved.
  • Resolving Customer Queries- Generation of edifying posts that will answer all of the customer’s questions.
  • Reaching Out to Clients with numerous shares- Generating posts and then sharing on SM platforms like Facebook & Instagram on a monthly basis that will help reach maximum traffic.
The Results

With GBIM, Metamorphosis could create a strong social media presence through our eye-catchy Facebook posts. Our cutting edge strategy has been turned fruitful that enhanced the clinics’ reach to the potential clients. Additionally, with the help of our advanced social media marketing methodologies, Metamorphosis could see an increase in its search visibility and more number of customers could reach it. Though, we would be striving hard to optimize our social media to provide an excellent online presence to Metamorphosis with our upcoming result-oriented strategies.

Excellent company. Genuine people and give great solutions special shoot out to Nirlep Patel. He always goes out of the way to make sure to do the best for his clients. Extremely encouraging person as well a team and he is very updated with everything new in his field.
Dr. Neha Sachde


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