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Metamorphosis clinic is one of the most renowned cosmetic clinics which is operated under the complete guidance of Dr Neha A. Sachde. This clinic was set up 11 years ago and it had clinics across Delhi and Mumbai.
Project Background
Skin Treatment/ Dermatologist Clinic
The team of professionals working at the clinic are trained and they strive to provide best-in-class treatment. Metamorphosis clinic offers treatment for Dermal Fillers, Laser Treatment, Obesity solutions, Cosmetic surgery, Skin rejuvenation, Breasts reduction and so much more

Metamorphosis clinic was lacking potential leads through effective PPC campaigns. The agency with which Metamorphosis was working earlier could not deliver the results as promised and this was the reason they switched the agency and started working with us in January 2019.

Since 2019 we have been working towards creating business customized PPC campaigns which would benefit our client by generating beneficial leads.

A lot of detailed study and understanding of their business was done by our team. The websites of the potential competitors were also considered for ideas and PPC campaign standards. Hard work was done for the following reasons-

  • Maximizing CTR
  • Generating better user experience
  • Post engaging and informative content on PPC landing page
  • Generating more leads
  • Using Different bidding strategies to reduce CPC
  • Creating different location wise Campaigns to test different Ads
The Strategy

When we had the first look at the existing website of the Metamorphosis clinic, we could easily spot the reason why it was lacking proper traffic and potential leads.

Our digital marketing team could see that although the website was constructed well it was not giving the conversions according to the same. It was visible that the users of the website had started to

Therefore, for the start, we installed Hotjar which greatly helped us in understanding and analyzing user behavior.

After referring to the data collected from Hotjar, we were able to conclude that the numbers of users were decreasing because they were not getting the information on the website for which they were searching regarding top-selling services of our client.

The next step was to start creating informative landing pages for each service provided by the clinic so that they can help us to create leads.

The Results

Just within weeks since we started managing the website of our client, the effective and positive results were visible.

Once the client witnessed that the number of leads increased, we then shifted towards more investment in our PPC campaigns and also started with display and video ads.

In a time of fewer than 3 months, the results showed an excellent number of conversions. Clicks also increased by 50%, CTR increased from 2.44% to 4.48%.


Excellent company. Genuine people and give great solutions special shoot out to Nirlep Patel. He always goes out of the way to make sure to do the best for his clients. Extremely encouraging person as well a team and he is very updated with everything new in his field.

Dr. Neha Sachde


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