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The Master Digital Photography School (MDPS) is one of the bestknown photography institutes in Mumbai. Earlier our client was looking after the Google Ads and PPC campaigns on its own.
Project Background
Photography Institute
We started working for MDPS in the year 2018 and our main goal was to create such powerful PPC campaign strategies which can help fetch quality leads with which MDPS will be able to surpass other photography institutes in Mumbai.
Our client was in search of a digital marketing agency which can cater to its need for customized PPC campaigns which can effectively increase the generation of potential leads. Therefore, to achieve the goals, we had to scrutinize and analyse the entire google ads account of the client. so that we can come up with problem-solving target solutions. For this, our experts studied their website and did competitor research in detail. Greater focus was laid on
  • Maximizing CTR
  • Improving user experience
  • Post engaging content on PPC landing page
  • Maximizing leads
The Strategy
The first step towards our main goal was to have a deeper knowledge of our client’s account and all the existing Google Ads accounts. Then the professionals working with us created their own Google Ads account. This time, we laid more attention on creating catchy and engaging copies of Ads so that we can grab more engagement from our potential customers. Competitor research was thoroughly done to have a detailed awareness of the market.
  • We will not say that we received the results quickly instead, we were taking small steps towards our primary goal.
  • Since the day we had launched new PPC campaigns, we started receiving leads gradually. However, some of them were fake as well, but we could say that we were in a far better position from where we had started.
  • With each passing day, the number of potential leads increased and progressed. Not only this, but the immediate results after 2 weeks were reflected as we had worked hard to decrease the cost and cost per conversion rate.
  • In the span of the last 2 years, we have managed to better our ROI.
  • It can be inferred from or very recent results which show that the conversion has increased by 102% along with the decrease in cost per conversion by 79%
  • The overall cost was also decreased by 58%

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