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SEO Case Study – Crew Petro

Crewpetro Private Limited is a training and recruiting company also catering to global areas in Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, and the Philippines. Crewpetro Private Limited has headquarters in Mehsana, Gujarat. It has other branches in Kerala and Mumbai.
Project Background
Training and Recruitment
The company is a reliable name in training people related to the Oil & Gas Industry. It takes into account all that is possible to bridge the gap that the industry faces in terms of talent shortage. The company, being a global recruiter and trainer, helps the oil and gas industry by catering to providing drilling crew both at junior and senior level, mass recruitment and hiring people at multi level positions in a short notice.
Challenges was a website properly designed and offered precise information about its quality services- training and recruitment. With the best trainers and recruiters on board, the company is well-known to provide the industry with top-notch professionals and updated training. However, even after so many USPs, the website was lacking in terms of the presence of keywords on the 1st page of Google. There were several issues found which are as below
  • The theme of the website was outdated with poor user interface
  • Most of the pages were with low word count which SEVERELY impacted the ranking.
  • Few pages were having a duplicate meta description and the negative impact was HIGH
  • Duplicate tags were impacting the rankings negatively.
  • Almost all pages were missing with X-Robots-Tag HTTP header and hence the webpage was not indexed. The presence of it helps the crawlers in identifying which page to crawl and which not.
  • Many pages were there that had no H1 heading
  • Few Pages were missing with meta descriptions
In order to improve the ranking of the keywords on the 1st page of Google , it was necessary to implement the right strategy taking into account all the considerations that the web crawler uses to ensure that the website needs to be crawled. For example, attending to the above challenges is going to ensure that the website is going to perform well in the SERP. We knew that with a proper strategy to deal with the above challenges, the company, Crewpetro Private Limited is surely going to establish itself as a reputed and reliable brand. The following were some of them—
  • Re-designing the website with all SEO prospects.
  • Addressing the issues that impact HIGHLY on the crawling
  • Detailed and thorough keyword analysis
  • A thorough audit of the website
  • Including keywords in the pages that need to be crawled ascertaining the presence of X-Robots-Tag HTTP header for those pages
The Results
The above introduction and refinement in the webpages started to drive in more traffic, visibility and ensured that the web crawler crawled through these pages and made them rank higher on SERP. And eventually keywords started ranking on the 1st page of SERPs.

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