Signature Smiles


Signature Smiles is a modern, hi-tech and ISO certified chain of multi-specially dental clinics in Mumbai, India. Their Focus is to provide quality and comfortable dental care services to all the patients round the globe
Headed by Dr. Sandeep Khanna (BDS, MDS), Signature Smiles has a team of super specialists who are dedicated towards delivering all dental treatments under one roof.


  • Before beginning the project we analyzed some major challenges like lack of focused keyword strategy, Secondly the website was made in such a way that it became very difficult
  • For search engines to crawl the contents in the website.
  • We knew that it would take a massive effort to make Signature Smiles stand out in such a crowded marketplace, and our experienced team relished every aspect of it.
  • With Signature Smiles full backing, we developed a goal out of our joint vision: to drive more leads and attract patients from India and abroad as well and also make them easily discoverable on Google


Technically, we knew that improving search engine rankings would be exceedingly difficult as the site remained in flash and was also not mobile friendly. So, we weighed our options.

  • Completely rebuilding the site with Latest HTML 5 and CSS 4 Technology makes site more user freindly.
  • Added Enquiry form and Contents All Pages with Latest JS Script Options.
  • Website Compatible with Mobile, Tablet and Desktop with all browsers helps to increase viistors engagement.

Once the new website got live, it helped in increasing Visitors and Returning Visitors upto 20% and also improved the SEO Rankings.



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