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Cart Abandon Rate

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Cart Abandon Rate


10 Significant Ways To Decrease Ecommerce Cart Abandonment

From what has been seen these days, it was found that US retailers will spend around $23.50 billion on current digital ads every year to help drive traffic to the current e-commerce websites. However, the average conversion rate will hover around the area of 2.68%. That’s the actual Cart abandon rate to deal with. Most retailers are now struggling with this leaked funnel and a higher shopping cart abandonment rate.

Here, you will come to learn more about 10 major ways to help decrease this e-commerce cart abandonment over here. So, without wasting time, let’s get on with the details.

  1. Always be transparent with your cost:

Whenever you present your customers with upfront costs, including shipping costs, the taxes applied and other fees they might expect, then you reduce the likelihood of catching shoppers off guard with an unexpected increase in the price. 

  1. Create a solid refund and the return policy:

For e-commerce, return policies are important as shoppers do not have the power to try on items or see a product physically. So, presenting customers with a great return policy ensures that the shoppers have peace of mind while purchasing products from your store. You have to link out the return policy earlier in the checkout process to entice them to buy more without worrying about losing money.

  1. Add the progress indicators right on the checkout page:

A progress indicator will help out the users to understand where they are within the checkout process and how further they need to go. 

A nearer completed progress bar will work out as the visual reinforcement for all the shoppers to actually continue with their said purchases. They are also highly motivated to complete purchases in case they have seen how much they have already invested while visiting the checkout area. 

  1. Presenting multiple payment options:

Presenting a single payment option can put some unwanted obstacles between your company and the shoppers. Right now, shoppers have access to various payment options like digital wallets, direct bank transfers, and more. 

Presenting support through multiple popular payment options will ensure that you are not turning your good customers always. For higher AOV items, you have to consider allowing shoppers to procure using customer finance options.

  1. Using trust symbols to reassure:

Shoppers always want to invest money in a secured store when they share sensitive information like shipping addresses and credit card numbers. One way to build customer confidence is by displaying proper security icons and sealing throughout the process. 

Presenting PCI-DSS compliance with other safety seals will reassure the shoppers that their details remain safe with the store till the final order completion and even after that!

  1. Presenting live chat support:

Shopping in-store means you will receive access to all the friendly staff and they are ready to help you find items or even answer questions. You get to mirror the same level of care and attention by adding customer support options to your checkout area. 

Using the cart abandonment data, you get to identify areas where shoppers will drop off and allow the users to chat up with a customer support representative. It helps in reducing the abandonment rate big time.

  1. Presenting guest checkout options:

Locking checkout behind the user wall will help in deterring new visitors to the website. To ensure that you are not excluding potential customers, make sure to focus on the power to check out as a guest and not forcing to create an account.

For collecting emails and other content details for promotions, you can ask the shoppers to save checkout information at the confirmation page setup!

  1. Optimizing the speed of the page load:

You don’t want your customers to ask if the order went through successfully. With a fast loading page, you can satisfy all kinds of shoppers’ demands for a speedy checkout process. 

It will not just make your customers happier, but they will be more than happy to purchase added items from the site as they don’t have to wait for a long time.

  1. Effortless navigation between the store and the cart:

Customers are always trying to add items quickly to their shopping cart and then get back to browsing the rest of the inventory ASAP. The more you force your customers to work with, the less likely they are to purchase products in carts. 

Make it quite effortless for customers to drop items into the cart and then return quickly to check out when they are all ready to purchase. Some retailers can help shoppers checkout straight from the product page to help minimize steps and clicks to complete a transaction.

  1. Add product thumbnails through the checkout process:

Adding product thumbnails through the checkout process is one way to reassure customers of the present purchase. During in-person purchases, customers can see and feel items they are purchasing, which they can’t do with online purchases. With the help of product thumbnails, they can keep these items at top of their mind during the whole checkout process.

These simple steps are all that you need to ensure that your e-commerce cart gets abandoned less and you get to improve your business to a whole new level. It is all about getting professional help before taking the next move. 



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