To get a better grip on the intricacies in the working of a company that is involved in the optimization of its clients’ websites, it will do better justice to get into the detailed working of search engine optimization with reference to the other ingredients that make the website a recipe for success.

One of the first things that is addressed by the SEO company is the complete analysis of the competition that the company faces in the market now and also with reference to the future. The competition analysis refers not just to the keywords but also with the actual physical competition that the company may face and solutions with regards to SEO are provided.

The next logical step is keyword research which means that depending on the inputs provided by the client as well as thorough in house research on keywords that can bring a better visibility to the site and in the long run contribute to the profitability of the client.

The next step concentrates on identifying and resolving issues with the website. These issues may be with loading of site, duplicate pages, duplicate content or the platform or type of site which may prove to working against the interests of the website. Once these get resolved, a final step is the content that goes on each of the pages. So much for on page SEO.

In the same vein, there are a host of functions that contribute to the success of any website behind the scenes. These are known as the off page functions that determine not just the longevity but also the degree of success that the site can enjoy. Almost all types of submission that is done is known as off page optimization. These include blog submissions, article submissions, bookmarking of the site, etc.

There are times when in spite of the best efforts of the team, the results could be slow or not up to the mark of what was expected or projected. In such a case, it becomes imperative to have an alternate plan of action which may or may not be possible for a one man army but easily achievable for a team in place.

Having had an insight into the different functionalities of SEO, a one man army can suffice for just one client or project. However, when it comes to looking after multiple clients and projects, it is highly advised to have a team in place. Although the size of the team would not suffice alone, it is highly recommended that a team that is competent enough and well trained to get the job done does suffice.

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